Does Sorrel Go Bad?

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Sorrel is also known as Roselle and is from the family of hibiscus. Its origin is West Africa in the Caribbean region. There are different types of sorrel found in the Caribbean region, but the most popular is the deep red fruit.

People use it to make drinks and jams. It also possesses medicinal benefits; studies have found that it can eradicate few types of cancer cells and increase the body’s immune system. Sorrel is full of minerals and vitamins, including flavonoids, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, and vitamin C.

How to Store Sorrel

Storing your sorrel is a very crucial task that you have to take care of. Because if sorrel is not stored properly, it can go bad very easily and at a very early stage. To know the storage techniques for any fruit, you have to learn about it, and every fruit has its storage method, so does sorrel.

If you have bought sorrel fruit from the grocery store and now want to keep it for a long period, you can opt for proper storage methods suitable for your sorrel. If you are wondering what those methods are, then this article is right for you. Read through the article to know about the well and proper-mannered storage techniques.

Dry It

Drying your sorrel or its leaves can preserve it for many days. You can dry it and put it in a plastic bag to consume later.

Refrigerate It

This is the best storage method if you do not wish to consume your sorrel within few days. Keep unwashed sorrel in a plastic bag or container and put it in the vegetable compartment of the fridge. Doing so will save it for up to 3 days.

Keep in the Freezer

Freezing can make your sorrel last for up to a year. Cut them in, slice them into small pieces, and put them in the airtight container or zip sealed bag. Finally, put it in the freezer.

In the Form of Drink

You can extract juice out of it or make its wine by boiling it. The drink made out of it is usually called Jamaican Sorrel Drink. Pour the sorrel drink into bottles and leave it for 2 to 3 days for fermentation. The drinks get better with time. Put the bottles in the fridge; that’s how you can preserve them for almost one year.

Can You Freeze Sorrel

The simple answer to this question is yes; you can freeze sorrel. But freezing sorrel could be in different ways. Some like to freeze it in the form of raw fruit, but the majority of people like its juice to be frozen.

Alike fruit, its leaves are also beneficial. Thus people also store the leaves in the freezer so that they can use them later. Frozen sorrel can last for up to 12 months. Just make sure that the freezer’s temperature is kept constant. Otherwise, fruit’s life will be decreased.

You can thaw it and use it for cooking and making its sauce. Because after thawing, the raw fruit’s texture will get wilt and will be best suitable for cooking purposes.

How Long Does Sorrel Last

This Caribbean fruit is a red surfaced fruit, very attractive and with a very sweet smell. But this fruit can also go bad under certain circumstances. The conditions in which it can spoil are normally the ones which are very general for all other fruits. Well, if you want to know that for how long your sorrel can last after you bought it from the market, then this article is for you.

The storage method that you choose to store your sorrel highly affects its life. If stored properly, then it will increase its shelf life. Normally the shelf life is 2 to 3 days. But if you keep it in the refrigerator, then you can store it for almost a week.

On the other hand, if you opt for freezing sorrel fruit, it might not go bad before one year. Moreover, you can also store sorrel in juice and put it in the fridge to make it last long for up to a year.

How to Tell If Sorrel Is Bad

Everything in the universe has an expiry date, and every fruit can go bad. But every fruit has its expiry date. Sorrel can go bad after few days if not kept in the refrigerator. If you are wondering how you can differentiate between the fresh and rotten sorrel, read the indications below that we will tell you.

  • Texture: The spoiled sorrel fruit can easily tell you by its deteriorated texture.
  • Smell: Normally, sorrel got a pleasant odor, but the rotten sorrel starts producing a very bad and pungent smell.
  • Taste: Sometimes, you can feel the difference by looking at it; that time, you have to use your sense of taste; of course, spoiled sorrel tastes bad.

What does Sorrel Look Like?

Sorrel has a little different look than the other types of herbs, such as mint, parsley, and basil. The leaves of this plant are long and have an arrow shape. Their color is bright and emerald-hued. The plant itself has a height of around 60 cm. The leaves on the lower stem are normally 7 cm to 15 cm in length. The leaves also have long petioles. The leaves on the upper stem are sessile. They easily become crimson. The plant is also filled with numerous flowers. The flowers have reddish-green color. While in early summer, when the flowers bloom, the color converts to purple.

Where does Sorrel Come From?

This mixture of vegetables and herbs comes from Rome, Egypt, and Greece. The ancient people of these regions used it. While the modern sorrel herb was originated from the Mediterranean region. And today, this herb is grown in different parts of the world, while the prominent regions are North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and central Asia. While in other regions like Australia and New Zealand, sorrel is still in its introductory stage. Moreover, its botanical existence comes from the Polygonaceae family of plants. This family also includes few renowned herbs like buckwheat and rhubarb.

How is Sorrel Made?

For planting sorrel plants, you must look for a partially shady or sunny spot. The soil should be moisture-retentive and highly fertile. Then, you can either grow it through seeds or root cutting. Both options work well with this plant. If you want to use fresh leaves, then you can cut them when needed from time to time. But some people also use dried leaves. For that, you should wash the leaves and put them until they dry well.

What Does Sorrel Taste Like?

Sorrel has a unique taste. It has tard-like and has a very bright flavor. Some people also argue that this herb tastes like lemon because of its sour flavor. One type of sorrel herb gives a combined flavor of grassiness and lemony flavor.

How is Sorrel Used in Cooking?

You can use sorrel as both a vegetable and herb in cooking. While using it as a herb has the same method as parsley, mint, and basil. Just chop the leaves and use them as a dressing and marinades in your cuisines. While as a vegetable, you can cook the leaves like spinach and other green vegetables.

What Types of Cuisines Use Sorrel?

Sorrel is used in different cuisines due to its aroma and great taste. Adding sorrel in potatoes, whole grains, and eggs, etc., gives them a great flavor. It also does well with seafood, including mackerel and salmon, etc. Besides, sorrel soup, green sauce, pesto, etc., made of sorrel, are also very common in some regions.

What is a Sorrel Substitute?

Sorrel is a rare ingredient. But you can still substitute it with few ingredients like arugula, spinach, mustard greens, and rhubarb. You can also squeeze some lemon juice into your dishes as an alternative for sorrel. These ingredients will not provide the exact taste of sorrel, but they will substitute it greatly.

Where to Buy Sorrel?

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