Does Soncoya Go Bad

Does Soncoya Go Bad?

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The other name which is quite common for Soncoya is Soncoya and Cabeza de negro. The scientific name is Annona purpurea, which is a medicinal plant and an edible fruit. The origin of Soncoya is South America, Central America, and Mexico. The surface has a structure like a pointed hook. It is a tropical fruit.

Its pulp is eaten raw, or juice is used as a beverage. The other benefits of this tropical fruit are its usage in medicines. In Mexico, it is traditionally used as a remedy for chills and fever. People also use it for the treatment of dysentery.

How to Store Soncoya

Soncoya is a tropical fruit that can survive a hot climate. Well suited climate for its proper growth is a hot and humid climate. As being a tropical fruit, it can withstand moisture well. So, you do not need to worry about its over moisture rather than less moisture.

Storage methods are essential as the life of any plant depends on the way you store it. So, does with Soncoya. Here we will mention a few storage techniques that you may opt to increase your Soncoya’s survival chances.

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Keep it in Fridge

Soncoya is a tropical fruit, and tropical fruits have the property to lose water when they are picked up. So, these fruits should be kept in the refrigerator. Otherwise, their texture will deteriorate. Make sure you keep it in an airtight container or zip-sealed bag.

Keep in Freezer

Another method is to store your Soncoya in the freezer to increase its life. Frozen fruit can last for a very long period. Soncoya can last for up to two to three months in frozen condition; make sure the temperature is constant at every time.

Away from Direct Sunlight

Soncoya has a hard, hooky surface but from inside has very soft flesh-like fruit. Moreover, it is a tropical fruit which makes it a perishable item. Always make sure that the fruit is not under direct sunlight exposure. Otherwise, it can get spoiled very easily.


If you want to consume your Soncoya within few days, then no need to put it in the Fridge; you can use your pantry to store it and use it within days.

Can You Freeze Soncoya

Yes, you can freeze tropical fruits, and yes, Soncoya can be frozen to make it last longer. You can freeze it in the raw form or any other form such as juice, jam, etc. If you want to store it in the raw form, cut the fruit in small slices and put it on a freezer tray by putting the butter paper on it to not get stuck to the tray.

Put your tray in an airtight bag or plastic to prevent the pungent smell of fruit from filling the freezer. If you do not put it in an airtight bag, other products in the freezer can adopt the odor of Soncoya.

How Long Does Soncoya Last

How long does any tropical fruit last fairly depends on the condition in which it is stored. The storage condition and the storage method that is opted for effect the life of Soncoya. If you are keeping your fruit at room temperature, then the shelf life of this tropical fruit goes up to 3 to 5 days.

On the other hand, if Soncoya is kept in a refrigerator under proper conditions, it can last for a week to 10 days. But keep in mind that as time passes, the fruit changes its color and taste.

Frozen Soncoya can last for as long as two to three months. The only thing that you have to be conscious about is if the temperature is constant or not, as the fluctuating temperature can damage your Soncoya.

How to Tell If Soncoya Is Bad

When talking about the fresh and the spoiled Soncoya, the most important thing is the indication of the fruit that tells us if the fruit is going bad or has gone bad or still consumable. We will also mention few indications for your reference so that you do not feel any difficulty in storing your Soncoya.

Let us have a look at the indications.

  • Texture: The texture of Soncoya deteriorate when it starts going bad. You can notice the change in its texture, which indicates that your Soncoya can no longer be usable.
  • Color: the color of the flesh also changes if the fruit is kept in a not unsuitable environment, which eventually can be the reason for the fruit’s spoilage.
  • Smell: Soncoya already got the pungent smell, but that does not feel bad. The bad odor coming out from flesh indicates its spoilage.
  • Water: Spoiled Soncoya start losing its water, which happens after the deterioration of the texture.