Does Soda Go Bad?

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Soda is famous for its long shelf life. The added preservatives and the huge amount of sugars mixed with carbonated water and different flavors keep it good for a long time. Though it stays fresh, that does not mean that the soda does not go bad; it for sure does.

Soda is among those beverages that will last longer than expected if unopened. For it to go bad, there are multiple reasons the container is stored and what atmosphere is provided because both aspects impact the quality of the soda, be it in a diet or regular one.

How to store soda?

There are different kinds of soda, but the ingredients used in them are near all the same. So there is not much difference in storing procedure, besides there are different methods through which you can store the soda for a long time. Following are some ways to store your soda.

Place in the Pantry

You shall store the unopened tins of soda in the kitchen pantry or anywhere you want, but it is suggested to store the soda cans or bottles in a dark place. The dark area will help soda to maintain its quality. Simultaneously, the cans, once opened, shall be stored right in the fridge so the bubbles or CO2 that give it a perfect taste shall remain there.

Place at Room Temperature

It is best to keep it in a place where the temperature is constant and does not fluctuate for maintaining the taste and quality, be it in the fridge or anywhere in the kitchen. But avoid placing it on the countertop and shall be placed away from the sunlight or any direct heat.

Use suitable container

Usually, soda comes in an aluminum can or plastic bottles. The unopened cans or bottles can be stored in a fridge or anywhere suitable, but you should store them in the refrigerator after the can is opened. Still, the quality will be compromised quickly of soda if you store it in plastic bottles. To avoid that, you shall pour the soda in an appropriate container, aluminum suits the soda best.

Whereas if you wanted to place an aluminum can, then it is advised to place aluminum foil on the top and wrap it with a plastic band just if you wanted the bubbles to stay in there for long.

Can you freeze soda?

The answer is NO! You cannot freeze soda. It is advised not to place it in the refrigerator because it is mostly water and CO2, freezing at 32’F. And while the liquid freezes, it expands, and as soda comes in plastic bottles or aluminum cans.

If you place the aluminum cans in the refrigerator, it with expand, and the can will burst. You can place the cans or bottles in the refrigerator for nearly 15 to 20 minutes. It will be best if you do not place it in the refrigerator to freeze the soda.

How long does soda last?

The lasting competence of soda is longer than expected. The soda cans come will best-by date on the label, but that does not mean that it will go bad right after that date. The soda can still last up to a few weeks or months past the best-by date. It all depends on how it has been stored.

If the soda can is unopened, it can last more. But it is recommended that if opened, then using it straight away does not keep it like that because the carbonation will not last more than 3-4 days. The unopened soda cans will last up to 6 to 9 months.

Contrary to that, the opened cans will last only for 2 to 3 days. It would be best if you didn’t consume soda after the above talk about time because after that, it will be tasteless, and consuming a tasteless soda makes no sense.

How to tell if soda is bad?

There are numerous practices through which you can identify if your soda is bad or not. Don’t go on the best-by date; rather, do a taste test. The below talk about points shall be considered while testing if soda is bad and they are;

  • If your soda is flat, that means it does not fizz; that is the indicator that your soda has gone bad. The reasons may include the air holes created on the lid because of mishandling, and bacteria can enter through those holes, making soda bad.
  • The smell of your soda will become spiteful, and that is another sign that the soda has gone bad and shall be avoided from consuming.

Discard the soda right after you find out the presence of any indicators as mentioned above. The old soda sometimes may taste fine, but it can have a severe impact on your health.