Does Soapwort Go Bad

Does Soapwort Go Bad?

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Soapwort, a flowering plant native to Asia and Europe. Its scientific name is Saponaria. It possesses small purple color flowers. Commonly called as bruisewort, bouncing bet, and lady’s-washbowl. It is an edible flower and used in many drugs.

The most common benefit of using this flower as medicine is that it can cure bronchitis and cough. Traditionally it is used in cleaning delicate fabrics and to make natural soaps. In Asia, its powder is used as the laundry agent. It can be stored in many forms; a few of the storage methods are mentioned below.

How to Store Soapwort

Everything needs the proper storage method, and if it is not stored inadequate environment, then it could be prone to spoilage. Soapwort is a plant that grows purple color flowers and uses in many forms. If you are planning to buy this or keeping it in your home, you should know which method is suitable for storing properly.

Although there are not many storage methods and it could be stored very easily, here we will discuss a few methods that can help you so that you have the knowledge and your soapwort can be stored for few days.

Read through the article to know more about the proper storage methods.

In Airtight Container

Storing soapwort in raw form can be tricky as it is a hardy herb that needs maintenance. Powdered soapwort can be stored in an airtight container or sealed bag; otherwise, moisture can eventually deteriorate the texture.

In the Form of Powder

Soapwort can be stored in powder, which is way too easy to store compared to raw flowers. Dry the flowers under the sun or artificial light, crush them and make powder.

Refrigerate It

Refrigeration can be one of the storage methods you can opt for, as keeping anything under cold temperature can increase its life. But for some plants, low temperature can be futile.

Luckily soapwort can withstand the winter season and so can survive in the refrigerator. But keep in mind it will last for few days, normally 2 to 3 days for raw soapwort. On the other hand, keeping in the form of liquid or shampoo, it can last for a week in the refrigerator.

Keep in Freezer

If you want to store your soapwort for a long period, you can freeze it like other herbs. You can store it in raw form if you needed or sometimes the drugs made out of it also needs to be frozen.

Can You Freeze Soapwort

Taking about freezing, as we discussed earlier, you can freeze it if you want to keep it for a long period. But here is the thing, the condition applies whether you want to keep it in raw form or any other form. If you store it in powder, keep in an airtight container and freeze it; it will last for a couple of months.

While storing in the form of liquid, it can last for a month. Soapwort can be converted into drugs, and freezing the drugs made of soapwort is not a good option.

How Long Does Soapwort Last

Before you know how long your soapwort can last, the thing you need to know is how you are storing it. The life of soapwort can depend on your preferred storage method. A method can convert soapwort into liquid form, and then you can make it last for a week in the refrigerator.

Simmer chopped soapwort for fifteen minutes, then let it cool down. You can use this liquid later for any purpose. Usually, it could be used as a shampoo or laundry detergent. Moreover, if you plan to freeze it, keep in mind to freeze it in an airtight container. Frozen soapwort in any form can increase its life as compared to refrigeration method or keeping at room temperature.

How to Tell If Soapwort Is Bad

Soapwort also can go bad as time passes, but its expiration date can come earlier if not stored under proper conditions or environment. First of all, take care of the storage methods and opt for any of the methods mentioned above.

Then you should know that if your soapwort is going to spoil or has already spoiled, then what the indications that you should notice to know that. For that purpose, read on; we will mention few indications that will help you understand the life of your soapwort.

  • Smell: The major indication is the smell; it does not matter how to form soapwort is; if it changes its odor from sweet to stingy, it is spoiled.
  • Color: The color of raw soapwort is purple-white; as time passes and life goes down, the flower changes its color to brown.
  • Appearance: The texture deteriorates if not kept under proper conditions, especially if kept under direct sunlight; it can go bad very fast.