Does Snake Gourd Go Bad

Does Snake Gourd Go Bad?

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Snake gourd is a green-colored vegetable, and it is mostly found in Asian countries. The characteristics of snake gourd are similar to cucumber’s, but they are different in texture and shape. People mostly use snake gourd in salads, and they can also cook it in some dishes.

Just like cucumber and other green vegetables, snake gourd also has a limited shelf life, and a time will come when it expires. To protect the snake gourd from going bad very quickly, you should store it in proper conditions so that it can last for a long time. We have briefly explained some important facts related to the snake gourd’s storage, lifespan, and expiry.

How to Store Snake Gourd?

Snake gourd is a vegetable, so you should store it properly to increase its life span. That vegetable that is not stored properly and people don’t take good care of them goes bad very quickly.

If you have bought too many snake gourds and you are worried about their storage, you can follow some important storage guidelines that we have briefly explained below in this article. If you do not take care of snake gourd, then they will go bad rapidly.

Store at room temperature

If you have bought some snake gourds and are thinking of using them today or within a couple of days, you can store them at room temperature. Snake gourds can last for three to four days at room temperature. Ensure that you don’t store them at room temperature for more than four days because there will be more chances for them to go bad.

Store in a cool and dark place

If you have decided to store the snake gourds at room temperature for some days, then you must find a suitable place where you will keep them. We recommend you choose a cool and dark place to store the snake gourds. They will keep fresh, and there would be no risk of damage. The best cool and dark place can be the cupboard of your kitchen, or it can be your pantry where snake gourds can stay fresh for three to four days.

Store in refrigerator

A refrigerator is meant to store food items, especially fruits and vegetables. That is why there is an extra drawer to store fruits and vegetables in it.  You will find no better place other than the refrigerator to store the snake gourds for a bit longer time.

The refrigerator ensures the full safety of vegetables, so; your snake gourds will last for more than a week in the refrigerator. It is better to transfer the whole and unpeeled snake gourd in a plastic bag first and then store it in the fridge to extend its life.

Store in the freezer

To add a few more weeks to the lifespan of snake gourds, you can also freeze them.

Can You Freeze Snake Gourds?

Freezing vegetables to extend their shelf life is a common thing. The best thing you can do to store the snake gourds for a long time is to freeze them. Freezing the snake gourds is not very difficult, and you can also freeze the cut and the whole snake gourds in the freezer.

If you have bought a large amount of snake gourd and are not planning to use them now, transfer them in freezer bags or airtight containers and place them in the freezer for long-term storage. They can last for almost a month in the freezer, retaining their peak quality.

How Long Does Snake Gourd Last?

Snake gourd is not a shelf-stable vegetable like others. The lifespan of a snake gourd is dependent on its storage. If the storage you provide is good, then it will last for a long time. Otherwise, it will expire very rapidly.

Normally, the snake gourd will last for almost five days at room temperature. But if you store them at room temperature, we recommend you use them within three days. If you store the snake gourd in the refrigerator, it will last for seven to ten days maximum. But the freezer then keeps the snake gourds fresh for almost one month.

How to tell If Snake Gourd Is Bad?

Telling whether your vegetable is fresh or not is not a very difficult thing. When the lifespan of snake gourd gets over, then it shows some common signs of spoilage. By checking those signs, we can tell whether the snake gourd is bad or not. When a snake gourd goes bad, there is a change in its taste, color, and smell. Take care of the following things:

  • If you see any mold or bacterial formation on the surface of the snake gourd, then it is time to discard it as it has gone bad.
  • If snake gourd tastes bad, then you should avoid using it as well.
  • Normally, snake gourd has a pleasant smell, but if it starts smelling bad, throw it away.