Do Silkworm Thorns Go Bad

Does Silkworm Thorn Go Bad?

Silkworm thorn tree is occasionally grown for its fruit. It produces fruit closely looks like mulberry, but its size is relatively larger than mulberries. Silkworm thorn berries have a blend of both sweet and tartly taste. Due to the yummy flavor of silkworm thorn berries, their jam and cakes are everyone’s favorite. They taste delicious and are highly nutritional. You can have them both in fresh and dried form.

Silkworm thorn berries have a high content of vitamin C, which helps to prevent cancer. Like any other fruit, it does go bad. Moisture and warm temperature are the two biggest enemies of silkworm thorn. To know more about the silkworm thorns, keep reading this article.

How to store silkworm thorns?

Yes, you can store silkworm thorns by taking appropriate steps. This article contains all the necessary information about storing and preserving, and freezing silkworm thorn berries. Following are some of the instructions to precisely store silkworm thorns.

In pantry

Pantry is fine to keep your silkworm thorn, but this doesn’t mean that you can keep it in the pantry for a long period. Silkworm thorns stay fine in your pantry for two days’ maximum so, it is better not to risk the health of silkworm thorns by leaving them in your pantry for a prolonged time. Silkworm thorn is a delicate fruit that in turn demands better and careful storage for extended shelf life.

In refrigerator

The best way to store silkworm thorn berries is to refrigerate them. Before storing them in the refrigerator, give berries a good water and a vinegar bath. Silkworm thorn berry carries mold spores that can spoil the whole lot, so you need to immerse them in water and vinegar to remove spores.

For this, take a bowl to add three cups of cold water and one cup of vinegar. Put berries in it and swish around for a minute. After that, drain them and wash them thoroughly with water. Now dry the berries by spreading them on a paper towel. Once dried fully, keep them in a bag or container. Don’t seal the container so that air can circulate. Finally, they are ready to place in the refrigerator.

Jamming silkworm thorn berries

An easy way to store and enjoy silkworm thorn berries is by preparing jam which is quite easy and you only need few ingredients. Take six cups of fresh berries and put them in a saucepan. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and turn the flame on medium heat. Add two cups of pectin sugar and bring it to a boil. When the bubbles come up, mash the fruit with the help of a masher. Check for consistency when it thickens. After that, remove the pan from the heat. Put the jam in air-tight bottles and place jam bottles in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze silkworm thorn?

If you have an excess of silkworm thorn berries, you can freeze them. That’s the best way to extend their shelf life. Always freeze berries that are fresh and have a firm texture. Avoid freezing overripe berries.

To freeze berries wash them thoroughly with water and remove their stem. Now spread wet berries on a paper towel and let them dry completely. Once dried, line the freezing tray with parchment paper and place silkworm thorn berries on it. spot the tray in the freezer and let them froze completely. Transfer the berries when frozen into zip lock freezer bags and then in the freezer. If frozen properly, silkworm thorn berries retain their taste throughout the season.

How long does it last?

As previously said in this article that silkworm thorn is a delicate fruit, so it must be handled with great care while storing. Storage condition is all that a fruit needs for its better shelf life. Silkworm shelf life is different depending on how you stored it.

The best ways to preserve silkworm thorns are already instructed above. Silkworm thorns stay well in your pantry for one day only, where in the refrigerator can stay good for a week. While freezing takes the game too far as the silkworm thorns, once frozen, stay healthy and good for six months.

You might be thinking about which one would be best to go with? Well, here is your answer. Freezing silkworm thorns would be best to pick if you want to store them for a long time. Rest options also play a good part in providing a good experience of silkworm thorn’s shelf life.

How to tell if silkworm thorns are bad?

In fruits, some indications are the sign of spoilage. If you are not sure about the quality of your silkworm thorn, look for the signs written below. A bad silkworm thorn will show the following symptoms.

  • Look at the appearance. Bad appearance is a major sign that silkworm is no longer good for your health. you must throw out such silkworm thorn berries
  • If the texture feels extra squishy or the fruit starts to ooze, you should not consume it. If the juice or the liquid is leaking from the silkworm thorn, it means that it has turned bad.
  • The gut feeling! Yes, never ignore the gut feeling. If you feel it necessary to be discarded, then wait for nothing and go it.
  • Mold formation and anything off with the taste or smell is an indication for spoilage too.