Does Sherry Go Bad

Does Sherry Go Bad?

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Sherry is a fortified wine in which usually a refined spirit, brandy is added. It is made from white grapes grown near the city of Jerez de la Frontera. It is made of different varieties of styles made of primarily Palomino Grapes.

Wine can sit around for months and years in a pantry but not in the case of Sherry. Sherry isn’t the type of wine that gets better over time. But also, this does not mean that it will go bad quickly. It doesn’t age well. And its taste gets worse with time.

How to Store Sherry?

The main things that can affect your wine are heat, oxygen, sunlight, and moisture. So, the bottle must be stored in a cool and dark spot. Also, it needs a stable temperature. Place the bottle upright. Doing so will reduce the surface area and the liquid that may come in contact with the air. And there will be a lesser chance for it to go bad. If it is exposed to air for a prolonged time, it will start decaying.

If stored properly, the wine could last quite a long time. However, it also depends on the variety you’ve kept.

Unopened Bottles

You don’t have to put unopened bottles in the fridge. But a place like a cool pantry with a stable temperature would be good to go. However, for volatile varieties, storing them in a refrigerator would be a better option.

If you want to store it at room temperature, try to finish the bottle in a week or two. If you do not plan on doing so, then put the bottle in the refrigerator.

Opened Bottles

If you’ve left an opened bottle of Sherry and want to store it for a longer period, then you can no longer place it in a pantry or any other source except the fridge. Once you have opened the bottle, you should seal it right away by using the cork or wine stopper. You can use anything to seal it properly. You can also transfer it to an airtight container.

After sealing the bottle, place it in the fridge. A decanter can also be used for this purpose. It is not airtight. But when you drink from it, you will certainly notice improved flavor or mellowed.

Can you Freeze Sherry?

It is possible to freeze Sherry. However, it is not the best idea until you want to do it for cooking purposes. Sherry contains 15 to 20 percent of the alcohol. As it is well known that, the more the alcohol, the lesser the freezing point it will have. A temperature of -9°C or 15°F or lower is required to freeze Sherry. If you have a freezer compatible with this temperature, freezing sherry won’t be a problem.

Now talking about the effects Sherry will have after being frozen, there will be a slight change in the flavor, and you may find the thawed one a bit odd. But if you are doing it for cooking purposes, then it will be good to go. Because even after freezing Sherry, it’ll work fine for cooking.

How long does Sherry last?

Sherry isn’t the kind of that ages well. It is better to use the bottle within a year after it is being purchased. Once you have opened the seal, it will start losing its freshness a little bit over time. There’s no time limit for the bottle to go bad after being uncorked. It depends on what quality or variety of Sherry you are using.

Sherry also comes with a ‘Best by’ date. But it’s not an expiry date but an estimate of the bottle of how long it will be best in its form.

Use opened bottles within the course of few days, even if stored in a fridge. Whether drink it or use it in the cooking, Sherry with a more matured nature or a better variety of Sherry would be best to go for months.

How to Tell If Sherry Is Bad?

Due to the alcohol that’s present in Sherry, it would be better not to treat it like a wine. Because

when it is once opened, the content and the composition in the Sherry will start rapidly to change. If you have a sherry bottle that’s been there in the pantry for too much time, there is a possibility that its flavor has faded away.

Exposure to oxygen

While oxidations help produce the flavors of some Sherries, extended exposure can ruin the compound. So the longer the exposure with the air will be, the longer the flavor compounds will be lost. If its taste is flat, then it doesn’t mean that it has gone bad. It can still be used for cooking and salad dressing.

Cork Taint

It’s a side-effect caused by an oak cork that is being used to cork the bottle. There’s a fungus that’s present in the wood. In very rare cases, it penetrates into the bottle. It is harmless for humans. However, it is also not avoidable.