Does Sharp Provolone Go Bad

Does Sharp Provolone Go Bad?

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Sharp Provolone is a semi-hard cheese that is aged for around four months. The aging process aids in bacterial growth and helps bring in the sharpness of the cheese. Sharp provolone is a delicacy for cheese lovers. It is indeed the center of attention on the cheese boards at the parties. Just cut a slice of it, place it on to your cracker, drizzle some honey over it, and Voila! You have a delicious snack ready.

Cheeses are indeed expensive to buy. They need to be stored properly to save money from going to the trash. Sharp provolones are also tasteful, so it will be heartbreaking when the cheese gets spoiled. You have to take up proper steps to prevent your cheese from going bad.

How to Store the Sharp Provolone Cheese?

A lot of people have an interest in trying new and different cheeses. If you are one of them and have just tried this delicacy, you might have brought this cheese home; you might be a little concerned about how you will store the cheese. So relax since you have hit the right place for the issue. You can get all the information here regarding the shelf life of your cheese and the proper storing methods required for it.

Keep Sharp Provolone Wrapped

You will always find sharp provolone wrapped in some plastic wrap or butter paper at the cheese store if you notice. It occurs because the cheese is quite delicate. It goes bad getting exposed to air for a long time. Keeping this rule in mind, whenever you are done consuming your cheese, wrap it in the same paper you got it in, or go for the wax paper to secure it from the air. The only purpose is that the bacteria present inside the cheese accelerates growing when exposed to air. They multiply rapidly and, in return, spoil the cheese which no one wants.

Refrigerate the Sharp Provolone

Whenever you intend to stor your cheese for a long time, the best way is to refrigerate it. The semi-hard cheese like sharp provolone has shorter life as compared to hard cheeses like gouda or parmesan. One reason is that provolone has a higher water content in it to go bad quickly.

You can store your sharp provolone in the crisp section of your refrigerator since it can provide you with a constant cool temperature. Temperature fluctuations are actually bad for the cheeses.

Put Sugar with Sharp Provolone in the Container

It might sound a little crazy saying to put sugar cubes along with the sharp provolone in the container. Believe me; this trick is worth a shot. Mostly, we place our sharp provolone in an air-tight container to prevent contamination from other food items. It has living bacteria inside, and remaining close for long might make the cheese go bad. If you keep two sugar cubes in the box, it helps regulate the container’s environment, and the cheese will remain fresh. The sugar can melt over time and if you still have your cheese, take a new container with fresh sugar cubes.

Can you Freeze Sharp Provolone?

Sometimes it happens when we buy lots of cheese from the market and go on a strict diet. Obviously, you can not eat your cheese in your diet. The cheese can go bad after two or three weeks in the refrigerator. The best option to save it is by freezing it.

You can freeze your sharp provolone in the freezer, but you have to secure it first. If it is not secured, it will undergo freeze burn and will no longer be good to be used. You can first doubly wrap it in a cling film and then keep it in an air-tight container. You can freeze it for up to 8-9 months.

How Long Does Sharp Provolone Last?

Sharp provolone is a very delicate cheese and needs to be taken good care of it. It already comes with a pre-written expiry date. If it is kept at the countertop, it will not even last for three days. Hence, it should be kept in a cold place.

It can stay fresh for around two to three weeks. Keeping it wrapped properly, it can stay good for about a month and a half.  If you freeze it, it stays the longest. You can use it for up to a year. It can stay good for a week when it is defrosted.

How to Tell If Sharp Provolone is Bad?

It is quite easy to identify the bad cheese. The bad cheese develops a distinct smell, color, and appearance, so you can easily separate the good ones and the bad ones by knowing a few points.

  • One can easily tell that the cheese is bad if molds appear on the cheese.
  • The odor of the bad provolone is quite unbearable. You will not want the rotten cheese in your kitchen.
  • The color of the cheese also turns pale to brown.