Does Sea Buckthorn Go Bad

Does Sea Buckthorn Go Bad?

Sea buckthorn is an herb that bears fruit in resemble berries, whereas its leaves and flowers are used for medicinal purposes. The sea buckthorn fruit is an excellent source of anti-oxidant. Sea buckthorn is also known as the Holy fruit of the Himalayas, containing a high level of vitamin C and carotenoids. It improves digestion, cardiovascular health, relieves ulcers, and normalize blood sugar levels.

Apart from being extremely beneficial and healthy, the sea buckthorn berries have a sweet and bit of tart taste. Its flavor is similar to orange, pineapple, and passion fruit. The juice of this cute yummy fruit is very delicious. Like any other fruit, sea buckthorn goes go bad. It has a short shelf life, and the quality and taste degrade with time.

How to store sea buckthorn?

Storing the fruit properly plays a pivotal role in keeping it fresh and tasty for longer. If you store your fruit by applying proper storing techniques, it will last way longer than its shelf life. If you have gotten your hands on many sea buckthorn berries and are perplexed about their storage. No worries! This article will explain to you some ways you can opt for storing sea buckthorn berries.

In pantry

Yes, you can store sea buckthorn berries in the pantry; if you plan to eat the berries or make juice or cake for them within a few days. However, it’s necessary to keep them in a place away from sunlight and moisture. Keep them in a cool, dry cabinet and don’t place sea buckthorn berries near the kitchen sink or microwave as warm temperature and moisture lead to spoilage.

In refrigerator

You can store sea buckthorn in the refrigerator if you want to keep it good for two weeks. To refrigerate the sea buckthorn berries in the whole form, choose the firm and fresh berries. Wash them thoroughly and remove the excess water content. Take a zip lock bag or air-tight jar and put sea buckthorn berries into it. Place the bag in the refrigerator.

Jamming Sea Buckthorn Berries

Sea buckthorn berries jam is quite delicious. If you want to store them for months, making sea buckthorn berries is the best thing to do. To make this yummy jam take 500-gram berries after cleaning and washing them thoroughly.

Add 10 ml of water in berries and cook them until they get soft and skin opens. Switch off the flame and mash them to extract puree, then strain it. Now add 250 ml of sugar, mix it with purée, and heat it again on medium flame. After 15 minutes, check the consistency; if it thickens, go for bottling. Seal the bottle and place them in the fridge.

Can you freeze sea buckthorn?

Sea buckthorn berries have a short shelf-life; however you want to enjoy this cute little yummy fruit throughout the season, go for the freezing method. Freezing stretches, the shelf life of sea buckthorn up to several months.

You can freeze sea buckthorn berries whole or in the form of purée. Another way is to freeze sea buckthorn berries is to juice them. Take sea buckthorn berries and make juice in the blender. After juicing, pour the juice into a silicon mold tray and freeze it. In this way, they turn into ice blocks and whenever you crave the delicious juice during winters.

You can defrost the juice cube, dilute it with water and mix it with some honey. To store sea buckthorn berries, whole wash them first. After that, let them dry and take a zip lock freezer bag and squeeze excess air out of it. Now put sea buckthorn berries into the bag and place them in the freezer.

How long does sea buckthorn last?

Sea buckthorn fruit has a short shelf life. If stored properly, its taste and texture remain good for a long. Proper storing is the key factor in making fruit last longer than its shelf life.

You need to keep sea buckthorn berries in moisture and at heat-free temperature. In the pantry, sea buckthorn berries stay good for three to four days. If you want to store them for a week or two, go for refrigerating.

In the refrigerator, they last for two weeks. Freezing stretches, the life of sea buckthorn for up to six months. In the above article, we have enlisted several ways that can help you increase the shelf life of buckthorn berries.

How to tell if sea buckthorn is bad?

Consuming spoil or bad fruit doesn’t sound good. It can make you sick with severe foodborne illness. Sea buckthorn fruit does go bad, and you can easily figure it out. Following are some tips through which you can distinguish between healthy and stale sea buckthorn fruit.

  • Observe the texture of sea buckthorn berries if they have become mushy or grainy; that’s a major indication it’s no longer fresh.
  • Get your gustatory and olfactory sense at work. If the fruit smell or taste bad, discard it.
  • If there is any extreme discoloration, don’t eat them.