Does Scented Geranium Go Bad

Does Scented Geranium Go Bad?

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Since the Victorian era, scented geranium has been my favorites. Both the herb and indoor gardeners like scented geranium. The botanical name for it is pelargonium. It can do well both in full sun and even in part shade.

Scented geranium consists of small flowers compared to others. Some are so petite you can hardly notice. Other geraniums are lovely and noticeable too. Geranium flowers have a total of five petals. Upper petals are large and two. The flower petals are three and small. Yes, scented geranium has a factor to go bad. You can extend the life by properly storing it.

How to store scented geranium?

Scented geranium is used in many things. It has ample health benefits. It is well known because of its tranquil properties. You can add scented geranium to tea. Drinking scented geranium tea helps in reducing stress or anxiety.

It can work as a beauty product as well. You can make serums or essential oils from scented geranium. And these serums and oils work to fight against acne as it is not available all over, all the time. Storing is a must. There are certain ways mentioned down below;

Store in refrigerator

It is in first place recommended to use scented geranium fresh. Due to non-availability all the season, it is impossible. The proper way will save your scented geranium from spoilage. Please do not keep it directly in the refrigerator. If you want to store in dried form or fresh both shall be kept in a container. The container shall be closed. Please keep it in the door of the refrigerator. The temperature will be moderate over there.

Don’t keep it on the kitchen counter

It is better to avoid keeping scented geranium on the kitchen counter. Please keep it away from all sources of heat. The fresh geranium will spoil within no time. At the same time, the dried scented geranium will spoil after some time. It will lose its potency fast. Try storing scented geranium at the cool place after you pluck them. The hot temperature is not suitable for its shelf-life.

Drying the geranium

The fresh-scented geranium will not last long. Storing for more than a month requires other ways to store. Drying the scented geranium is the solution. Dry scented geraniums on a screen. Afterward, stripe the leaves from the stem.

Use air-tight container

Use an air-tight container for storing scented geranium. The air-tight container will not allow air to enter. The container will keep the scented geranium fresh for a longer period. The benefits will be maintained. It will not lose its aroma very fast.

Can you freeze scented geranium?

Freezing is a good option to store anything for the long term. Yes, you can freeze scented geranium. Stripe the scented geranium from the branch first. Then keep them in an air-tight plastic container. And keep that container in the freezer.

Your scented geranium will last longer than your mind’s eye. You can utilize it as long as you want. The dried scented geranium can also be stored in the freezer. Using the same method used for fresh scented geranium. The fresher the scented geranium, the more it will benefit you.

How long does scented geranium last?

There is no fixed time as to how long it will last. There are different methods of storing scented geranium. Each method has a different lasting period. Some last longer, while other methods are short-term. If you want scented geranium to last long, keep them in the freezer. It will last up to a year in the freezer. Frozen scented geranium will be problematic while thawing. Still, it will work well.

Refrigerator shall be the second-best option to stick with. You can store well the scented geranium in the refrigerator. However, in the refrigerator, it will last up to 4 to 5 months. After that time frame, it will not stay fresh. The qualities geraniums incorporates will be lost with time. You will not get benefited from old scented geranium. Lastly, if you want to store it for few hours or just days, the shelf is the best option. Remember, the temperature shall not be hot. Cool temperature is perfect for the quality of scented geranium.

How to tell if scented geranium is bad?

There are numerous ways to know if scented geranium is bad. You should be careful. Do not consume the spoiled scented geranium. Your health shall be the priority. Consuming spoil scented geranium will not have many bad effects on health. It is best not to use spoiled geranium. You shall be knowledgeable about the ways to know if it is bad. Down below are ways that will help you find out the bad scented geranium.

  • The discoloration is one sign that scented geranium has gone bad. Please throw it right away in waste.
  • The loss of aroma/ fragrance of geranium. Do not consume. It will not give you the health benefits it encompasses.
  • Shriveling of scented geranium is another sign. Discard them right away.
  • The bad-quality scented geranium will dry up right after some time. It is a clear sign it has gone bad.