Does Savoy Cabbage Go Bad

Does Savoy Cabbage Go Bad?

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Savoy cabbage is a plant species of brassica oleracea. This plant is a winter vegetable and one of the many different cabbage varieties. It is originated from Netherlands and England. It was introduced in the 18th century. In Germany, it is known as Savoyer Kohi. The name comes after the Savoy region in France. It has crinkled emerald-collared green leaves.

The leaves are tender and crunchy. It does not turn into mush when it is cooked. It has the same appearance and flavor when cooked but retains a firm texture when cooked with desire. The best quality savoy cabbage has a bright, fresh look. This article will explain how to store the Cavour cabbage to retain its freshness.

How to Store Savoy Cabbage

The shelf life of savoy cabbage is two months if stored properly. Savoy cabbage is packed with nutrients and minerals such as protein, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, vitamin B6 and calories. Savoy cabbage contains powerful antioxidants which may help to reduce inflammation.

Savoy cabbage contains insoluble fibers and helps improve digestion by providing fuel for friendly bacteria. It contains powerful pigments which reduce the risk of heart diseases. There are many ways in which the savoy cabbage can be processed.


Fresh whole savoy cabbage will go on for 1 to 6 weeks if kept properly in the refrigerator. Red, white or hard green cabbage will be preserved the longest while the looser savoy. Savoy cabbage needs a cold and moist environment to go long term.

Paper Towel

Strip away the loose leaves. Then wrap the head of savoy cabbage in a moist paper towel and place them into a plastic bag. Punch holes on the plastic bags so the moisture circulates and keeps the cabbage fresh.

Root Cellar

If you store the cabbage in the root cellar, the savoy cabbage will last for 3 to 4 months. You can store them on the floor but by wrapping them with newspaper. Hang them from the ceilings or keep them on the shelves one inch apart.

Garden Pit

To create a savoy cabbage storage pit in the ground, you must dig two or two and a half foot deep hole line it with a thick layer of stray insulation. Place them in the pit with the head facing down.

Don’t Cut The Outer Leaves

The savoy cabbage will keep better in solid heads with the outside wrapping still intact. By using this method, the savoy cabbage will last for 3 to 4 months.

Can You Freeze Savoy Cabbage

Freezing is a good idea as to when we freeze the savoy cabbage; the life of savoy cabbage goes on for 3 to 4 months. You should wrap them with wrap paper towel then place them in the plastic bag. Poke holes in the bag so the moisture and air can circulate.

The savoy cabbage must be kept in a cold environment with moisture as the fridge is the gest place. You can freeze your savoy cabbage in wedges. They’ll keep the leaves together until you are ready to cook them.

How Long Does savoy cabbage Last

Savoy cabbage lasts for 3 to 4 weeks if they are stored properly. Savoy cabbage can be frozen or kept in garden pits. Cut savoy cabbage should be stored away from another vegetable. You can also store the savoy cabbage in the kitchen.

The outside leaves seem a bit sad and floppy as long as they are not discolored; they can still be used. There are many ways of cooking the savoy cabbage, such as baking, braise, wrap, sauce, and leftover cooked savoy cabbage.

If you want your savoy cabbage to last for more than weeks, you should opt for the freezing method, which can save it for two months. Just make sure the temperature is constant; otherwise, it can get spoiled. Keep in mind after thawing, the texture will get wilt, and the color will be changed.

How To Tell If savoy cabbage Is Bad

There is a time when every vegetable has become useless and rotten. The best way to tell any vegetable has gone bad is to follow your nose. Whole cabbage lasts for 1 to 2 days if stored in the counter whole, but if it is stored in the counter cut, it can only last for 2 to 3 hours. The savoy cabbage can last for 4 to 5 weeks, but if cut, only for 7 to 10 days.

  • Smell: The foul smell would differ from the original smell of the savoy cabbage when first bought. The savoy cabbage
  • Texture: The smooth and crunchy savoy cabbage will become mushy and soft. The color will be darkened too.
  • Insects: The insects usually feed on rotten vegetables. Insects are a great sign of warning that your savoy cabbage is not applicable for digestion.
  • Taste: It will become very bad in taste which won’t be good for your body. The taste of your dish won’t be delicious.