Does Sapote Go Bad

Does Sapote Go Bad?

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Sapote is a commonly grown fruit in North and South America. However, there are many types of sapote fruit, but all the fruit categories are found soft with sweet meat inside and a seed at the center of the fruit. The fruit is used in desserts, ice-creams, and smoothies. The fruit is grown on a tree of a height of 27 meters.

The sapote fruit is harvested from spring till the late summers. After seeding the tree, it takes approximately seven years for the tree to bear fruit. The different types of Sapote are also grown in Australia and Asia.

How To Store Sapote

Sapote is a soft fruit and does not have a very long shelf life. The fruit is sensitive to atmosphere and heat, so it needs proper storage to last longer

Room Temperature

It is hard to make the fruit last longer at room temperature; however, if you plan to consume the fruit in a day or two, it is fine. You need to make sure not to wash the fruit as it can absorb moisture and get spoiled in less time. Keep them in a dry, cool corner of the room, assuring that there is not too much pressure applied on the fruit, or they will be squashed.

It is also not preferred to peel the fruit and contain it in airtight storage. The internal moisture will cause the fruit to catch mold. You should peel the fruit when you have to use it.


The most convenient way to store Sapote is to store it by containing them in a refrigerator. The cold and dry atmosphere of the refrigerator extends the lifespan of the fruit. It is very important to make sure not to put pressure on the fruit, nor in any case, you should wash the fruit.

Another method to contain this fruit is to take off the peel and store only the fruit’s flesh. This can later be used to make smoothies, desserts directly. Peeling off shortens the life of the fruit but is convenient to use if you are a regular user.


Sapote fruit does not last long, so if you want to use the fruit in the off-season, then you can freeze the fruit, which could last for a couple of months. You can store it by placing it directly in the freezer with or without the peel.

Can You Freeze Sapote

Yes, Sapote can be frozen to extend the life span for a couple of months in the off-season. Freezing Sapote is usually practiced in restaurants, but it is not that hard to freeze this fruit. You can easily freeze the fruit at your home too.

You can either place the fruit with the peel in the freezer and wait for it to freeze, or you can take out the peel and place the meat of the fruit on a tray and wait for it to freeze. Once frozen, you can place the meat in a freezing bag.

How Long Does Sapote Last

Sapote fruit does not last long if not taken care of properly. Normally, the fruit can last 2 – 3 days at room temperature, depending on if you have placed it under proper conditions. If the fruit peel has a cut or peeled off, the fruit will last for a maximum of 2 days.

Refrigeration is the most convenient way to store Sapote. Storing in the refrigerator under proper conditions makes the fruit last for about 1 – 2 weeks. However, if you have peeled the fruit or contain it in an airtight container, it will last a maximum of a week.

Freezing the fruit can extend its life for about six months. Usually, it is preferred to peel off the fruit and then store it because it is convenient to reuse the fruit later. Unpeeled fruit can also last for 4 – 5 months which can easily cover the off-season.

How To Tell If Sapote Is Bad

Sapote is a soft fruit with a lighter color of the outer skin. It is easier to identify a bad sapote from a good one. Here are some of the signs you can look for to identify a bad sapote.

  • Appearance: A good sapote will have smooth outer skin. A sapote gone bad will have a clear softer touch sensation than usual. You will be able to spot darker spots on the outer layer of the fruit. On cutting the fruit, you will witness clear, very soft flesh.
  • Smell: The smell of the fruit will be irregular. You could smell the rotting smell of the fruit. If you have to make the paste out of the fruit, then on spoiling, it will have the same foul smell.
  • Taste: Tasting a sapote gone bad will have a bad taste. You can feel an extra sweeter flavor with a mild rotting flavor.