Does Saint Paulin Cheese Go Bad

Does Saint Paulin Cheese Go Bad?

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Saint Paulin is a French cheese that has a mild creamy flavor. It is made from pasteurized cow milk and has a butter-like texture. Saint Paulin cheese is enjoyed for breakfast or with drinks and cuisines. It is easy to make and matures in four weeks. This cheese has an orange outer and yellowish inside.

Saint Paulin cheese has a mild salty flavor, and the recipe falls back to the Trappist monks. The saint paulin cheese can be melted easily. It is also used in fast food or with grilled food. The saint paulin cheese can easily be aged in your house cellar.

How To Store Saint Paulin Cheese

Paulin cheese is a buttery cheese and has a low shelf life. It needs extra care so it can last longer. Here we discuss some of the techniques used to secure the cheese for a longer period.

Room Temperature

As discussed, the saint paulin cheese has a buttery texture, making it sensitive to the atmosphere and temperature it is kept in. Warmer temperatures are good for the cheese to age as it accelerates the enzyme process. However, keeping it too long at room temperature will lead to spoilage.

If you have to keep it at room temperature, you can wrap your cheese in wax or butter paper. If you are a frequent user of the cheese, then you can also purchase a cheese grotto to store in.


Refrigeration is the best way to store the cheese at home or in commercial usage. The low temperature and the close environment do not allow the cheese to spoil too fast and reduce enzymes’ activity, which is responsible for the taste and texture of the cheese.

The process is simple to store your cheese in the refrigerator; you can wrap it into butter paper or wax paper and put it in such a corner away from any other liquid. There is conflict on whether to wrap your cheese in a plastic wrapper.


If you want your cheese to last for a very long time, then you can slice them or shred the cheese and place it in the refrigerator. If you have access to a commercial-level freezer, then you can place the whole block in the freezer as per your use.

Can You Freeze Saint Paulin Cheese

Yes, you can freeze your saint paulin cheese. How to freeze your cheese completely depends on how you have to use it later. It is commonly observed to shred the cheese and then contain it in an airtight bag or container. Then all you need to do is to place it in the freezer. Shredded cheese can easily be used in dishes later.

If you have to eat it raw, then it is preferred that you freeze the whole block or make slices of the cheese and directly place it in the refrigerator. In this way, you can avoid thawing the whole block of cheese.

How Long Does Saint Paulin Cheese Last

Saint Paulin cheese, if stored at room temperature and if not completely ripen then it can last for 4 – 5 weeks. However, if you buy a complete ripped block of cheese, then it may not last for about 1 – 2 weeks at room temperature in warmer regions. In colder regions, it will last for about 3 – 4 weeks at room temperature.

You can place the saint paulin cheese in the refrigerator, which can dramatically extend the life of the cheese. The saint paulin cheese can last for about six weeks if fully ripped by placing it in the refrigerator.

If you want your cheese to last for months to come, then the best approach is to store it by freezing, increasing its life for eight months to a year. However, if you thaw and refreeze your cheese, it will eventually affect its taste and last for about six months maximum.

How To Tell If Saint Paulin Cheese Is Bad

St Paulin cheese exhibit signs which can help you identify if your cheese has gone bad. You will see apparent visual signs, smell, and taste of the cheese.

  • Appearance: The clearest sign of your cheese got spoiled is the development of mold. On cutting, you will see clear green mold development. A good cheese has a light color from the inside. However, a bad cheese will have a dark orange color from the inside. However, if some portion of the cheese shows mold, then you can cut that part off.
  • Smell: The saint paulin cheese will have a bad odor. If you smell fresh cheese, then you will feel the rotting signs of the cheese.
  • Taste: Eventually, the taste of the cheese will grow bitter and acidic when the cheese has gone bad completely. If all the signs are clear in the cheese, then it is wise to waste the block.