Does Saint Nectaire Go Bad

Does Saint-Nectaire Go Bad?

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Saint-nectaire is a French cheese made in the region of central France. Since the 17th century, cheese has been made in Auvergne. The cheese is made from cow milk. The name of the cheese comes after jean Charles de la ferte, Saint-Nectaire.

There are many ways of eating Saint-Nectaire as it goes well with snacking cheese with hard-crusted fruits, bread, meat, and fresh vegetables. It also goes well with red wines such as Chianti or Rhone red. It has a semi-soft washed rind texture the region is authorized for the production of Saint-Nectaire. Saint-Nectaire has a fluid, soft, and smelly paste of a creamy color.

How to Store Saint-Nectaire

Cheese must be kept in a safe environment not to lose the freshness of the cheese. The fresh cheese has a tasty creamy texture. The cheese is made in a volcanic and grassy area around the pays des monts-more.

It also has a hint of hazelnut smell due to the area’s aromatic fluid where the cheese ages. Below are some useful points as they explain the different types of ways the Saint-Nectaire can be stored.

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Wrapping Paper

Dry wax paper is best for the preservation of the cheese. When the cheese is wrapped, there is no place for fresh air to pass through; when the cheese has space to respire, mold production increases due to the moisture in the cheese.

Storage Area

The dryness helps to preserve the cheese longer as when there is moisture in the environment, the chances of mold production are sky-scraping.

Cheese doesn’t lose its texture and taste when stored in the dry storage area, but if they are stored in the freezer, the chances of taste and texture quality decrease are high.

Inside Fridge

Store the Saint-Necteir n the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator as the temperature and coldness are stable. Before storing the cheese in the refrigerator, use wax paper or plastic paper to rewrap the cheese if it has been opened from its original packing. Never refreeze the cheese after it has thawed. It is because the cheese would lose its texture and taste.

Airtight Plastic Container

Store the Saint-Nectar in the airtight container to decrease the cheese from breathing and allowing the cheese shelf life to increase. The airtight plastic container must be lined up with a dampened towel.

The airtight container also helps by not making the other vegetables smell to change the smell of the cheese. The taste and the texture of the cheese are always kept constant. It contains about 50% cow fat.

Can You Freeze Saint-Nectar

It is not advised to freeze the cheese because it loses its texture and taste when kept in the freezer. The best place to keep the cheese is in the dry storage area. You can store the cheese in freezer bags or plastic Clingfilm.

The cheese can be stored cut or whole. The cut pieces stored will help by taking out only the amount needed from the freezer. Never refreeze your cheese after thawing. The refreezing of the cheese may result in a loss of texture and taste.

How Long Does Saint-Nectaire Last

Its shelf life is for only two weeks if stored properly in the right environment. It can go on for days if stored in the freezer in an airtight container. The airtight container enables the cheese from recuperating.

When the cheese breathes, it develops moisture, and the moisture causes the growth of molds on the cheese. The freezing of the cheese affects the.  The freezing of cheese does not change the properties of cheese used for cooking.

On the other hand, if you have stored your cheese in proper conditions and under consistent frozen temperature, it should last for almost nine months without any trouble. This way, you can store this cheese for a very long period to use it for later.

How to Tell If Saint-Nectaire Is Bad

There is a time when every food has gone wrong and is not digestible.  It can ruin your stomach and make you ill. Let’s look to learn about the indications, which you can follow to know if your Saint-Nectaire is bad or still good to digest.

  • Insects: The reproduction of insects indicates that the cheese is on the rotten stage. It is not good for consumption. It is advised to be thrown away.
  • Mold: The molds produced on the surface will destroy most of the cheese on the surface but not all! It is because the mold can be scraped out of the surface and be used again.
  • Texture: The smooth and silky texture of the cheese becomes grumpy and hard. The cheese starts to have a salty milk smell which is not bearable. The smell is funny, and you don’t want the rotten smell ruining the smell of the food. The surface becomes slimy compared to when bought.