Does Saint Albray Go Bad

Does Saint Albray Go Bad?

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Saint Albray is a French cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It is among one of the classic cheeses of France; it is mainly manufactured in the Aquitaine region and has an ivory-colored appearance with red rinds and prepared within two weeks.

It has a beautiful shape just like a flower with having six petals along with creamy texture, it tastes sweet plus nutty with a strong aroma, and it is soft-ripened in nature. Saint Albray, being soft-ripened in nature, has a short life span of about 1-2 weeks maximum, and it needs extra care for storing it; otherwise, it can go bad easily.

How to Store Saint Albray

Saint Albray is a soft cheese, and it should be stored properly if you want to use it for a long time because it has a high moisture content, and moisture can cause early spoilage in cheese. Fresh Saint Albray gives a strong flavor to your cuisines and makes a suitable pair with bread and salads.

It is the second most famous cheese of France after camembert, and it is worthy enough to be stored appropriately. Some methods are listed below which can help you to store your Saint Albray for a long time, and you can make the most out of it,

Wrap it In Cheese Paper

Soft cheese like saint albray needs to be perfectly wrapped because of its moisture content, so always try to use cheese papers to wrap your saint albray as it can help to maintain its moisture level. Cheese paper allows it to breathe as it filters some of the air through it and this way, moisture will not remain trapped within your cheese, which can ruin the texture and rinds it.

Store it within Brine Solution

Most soft-ripened cheese can be preserved using brine solution; you can easily make your brine at home. To do this, take 2 cups of water, add two teaspoons of Kosher salt into it, and then mix it well.

Now transfer this brine solution into a non-reactive container and put your cheese directly into this solution.

Put it into Freezer

Soft cheese like saint albray should be stored in a Freezer because moisture can cause spoilage in your soft cheese, and freezing can minimize its moisture content with extremely low temperature; to do that, you can wrap your cheese with cheese or wax paper, double wrap it with thin porous plastic and put it into Freezer, this way it will remain good for three months approximately.

Can You Freeze Saint Albray

Yes, Saint Albray can be stored in Freezer, and its life span will be increased after putting it into Freezer; it is always the best option to freeze your soft cheese as it carries high moisture, and no matter what, this affects the life span of your cheese, you can use freezer bags to store it into Freezer or you can use cheese paper to wrap it and then double wrap it with a thin plastic sheet to be on the safe side and can put it into Freezer directly.

After freezing, your saint albray can be useable for three months and usually more than that.

How Long Does Saint Albray Last

It depends on how well you store it; soft-ripened cheese tends to spoil faster than hard cheese, and you should store it with great care.

After you bought saint albray and have leftover cheese, immediately put it into the Freezer because leaving it at room temperature after opening its packaging can cause early spoilage. It will be such a waste to discard saint albray it has wonderful taste and worthy enough to be stored properly.

Properly stored saint albray remains good for three months in the Freezer and 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator; it will remain good for 1-2 days, hardly at room temperature, so always keep it into either refrigerator or freezing it will be the best option you can opt for.

How to Tell If Saint Albray Is Bad

You can easily tell whether your cheese is good to use or not because fresh cheese has a sweet plus nutty flavor, firm texture with no appearance of mold, so you can check for the following indications that are given below,

  • Mold Growth: Look for any dark grey or green spots on your cheese, and if you found any, discard the whole cheese right away because only trimming it out cannot be done in the case of soft cheese like saint albray
  • Dark Coloration: If its color changes from ivory white to yellow or brown, it also indicates spoilage in your cheese, and it is better not to use such type.
  • Bad Odor: Normally, saint albray has a strong aroma, but you have to take a deep sniff to differentiate between the bad odor and the normal aroma of your cheese. If you feel that it smells a bit off or unusual, it is better not to use it.