Does Rumchata Go Bad?

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Rumchata is an alcoholic drink. It is a rich cream product and also has cinnamon and vanilla in it. It was originated in Wisconsin. Rumchata comes in a variety of flavours. It is mostly used as shots in the bars because it is quite strong. Sometimes it is used by mixing it with vodka.

Rumchata, a cream liquefier, has a very long shelf life. It rarely goes bad. It can stay good for years if it does not meet unfavourable conditions. All that is needed is a good place to store it. You have to be very mindful while storing because you definitely wouldn’t want your expensive drink to go bad.

How to store Rumchata?

You might have bought a bulk of Rumchata on any occasion, and you must be worried to store the leftover. Well, that’s not a big deal because the shelf life of rumchata is quite long.

Rumchata won’t go bad if it is stored carefully. The shelf life of rumchata surely depends on its storing conditions. You can follow apt measures to store rumchata:

Place in the pantry

Storing your rumchata in the pantry is the ideal place to store it. An unopened bottle of rumchata can stay good for years in your pantry at room temperature. The ideal temperature for storing alcoholic drinks is 20 to 24-degree centigrade. You can even store opened bottle of rumchata at room temperature.

Make sure that the place is cool and dry, where you are storing your drinks. You can also use wine cellars to store them. Also, see that there is no bottle damaged or loosely sealed. As long as you keep the cap tightly on the bottle, it can last for years.

Keep away from sunlight

Sunlight is harmful to your bottles of rumchata. Not only sunlight but any heat source is not good for your drink because the heat coming from sunlight can spoil it. The fizz starts to lose its potency because of heat. It may also damage the bottle, and you wouldn’t be able to store the bottle anymore.

So, if you want to make your rumchata stay longer, you must store it away from sunlight and vice versa.

Put in the refrigerator

There is no need to refrigerate rumchata even if the bottle is opened, but it is still a place where you can store rumchata for immediate use. The company owner of rumchata stated that there is no need to store it in the refrigerator as the alcohol content in the drink makes it a preserved drink.

So that’s why it can stay good at room temperature. But if you want to refrigerate the bottles, make sure that they are tightly sealed.

Can you Freeze Rumchata

You don’t need to freeze rumchata as it stays good even at room temperature for quite a long time. It is not recommended to freeze it. But if you really want to freeze it, you can, because freezing won’t spoil it.

You can use ice trays or tightly sealed jars to freeze it. If you are freezing rumchata in bottles, make sure that the corks or caps are tightly closed.

How long does Rumchata last

Rumchata has a long shelf life, so you do not have to worry about its lifetime. It can even stay good at room temperature. Refrigerating or freezing it is not necessary. An unopened bottle of rumchata can last for 3 to 4 years until and unless they meet unfavourable conditions. You can use it even after its best date if the bottles are kept in good storage places.

An opened bottle can last for a year. After a year, it won’t go bad. Only the fizz and flavour of rumchata will start to lose their potency. And if you refrigerate the used bottles, they also last up to a year.

How to tell if Rumchata is bad

Rumchata rarely goes bad as guaranteed by the company. But if it is kept for so long, it is recommended to give the bottle a quick check to ensure that it is good to consume.

Following are some ways you can follow to see if your rumchata has gone bad

  • If the bottle is unopened, check the outer appearance of whether the bottle is leaked or bulging. If not, then the bottle is okay to consume.
  • If the bottle is opened, then check that if there is any mold growth on the drink. If there is, the drink has gone bad.
  • Also, check that if there is any colour change. If there is, then toss it away because it has definitely gone bad.
  • Make sure that the smell is as good as it is of the fresh drink. If you smell any weird or sour smell, then waste the bottle.
  • Lastly, check the taste of the drink. If the taste has changed, then throw your bottle of rumchata away.