Do Rose Myrtle Go Bad

Does Rose Myrtle Go Bad?

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Rose myrtle is also known as rhodomyrtus tomentosa. This is a plant that is part of the plant family Myrtaceae. It is commonly found in southern and southeastern regions such as Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Sulawesi, and the Philippines. This fruit is edible. The leaf’s surface is leathery. It is used in fire retardant species for use in breaking fire. Commonly this technique is used in the Himalayas.

It grows in many different types of soils. This fruit is used to produce a specific type of wine called ruosim. Its flowering months are June to October. If you want to store the rose myrtle in your house, this article is surely meant for you.

How To Store Rose Myrtle

Rose myrtle contains many minerals and nutrients such as carb, calcium, phosphorus, iron fat, and fiber. The fruit can be eaten raw it is very nutritious. The fruit helps in decreasing the effect of diarrhea, dysentery. Especially the leaves and roots of the plant help to reduce stomach aches. In Indonesia, the leaves are used to make a paste so the wounds can be healed.

All the nutrients are lost when the flower is freeze due to frostbite and dies. Rose myrtle can’t stand cold weather, but it needs room temperature with mild weather. Below are some points which can be used to store rose myrtle.

Green House

the rose myrtle can be planted in the greenhouse. It is because the greenhouse gives the right amount of warmth needed for the plant to grow. In the greenhouse, the production of rose myrtle will increase.

Dry Storage

Every house has a dry storage area where cereals and stocks are kept. That would be a great idea of storing the plant as the plant needs to live at room temperature to last longer. The rose myrtle can last for 12 months in a dry storage area if the temperature is kept at 40F.

Back Yard Garden

You can even first place the tips in water for root development. After the roots have developed, you can plant the fruit in the soil and wait for it to grow. This will cause more production of rose myrtle.

Warm Room

Keep the rose myrtle in a warm room in the cold climate, as the warmth will prevent the rose myrtle from getting frostbite. This will be the best way of storing the rose myrtle.


You can make rose myrtle oil which lasts for years. Oil can be stored in the fridge and many other places without getting destroyed.

Can You Freeze Rose Myrtle

It is not worth freezing the rose myrtle even though rose myrtle can stand the temperature as low as 0 degrees but rose myrtle has frostbites when it is frozen. The frost bites can cause the flower to die and not stay healthy anymore.

The plants and flowers do not go well with the low temperatures. You should cover your rose myrtle to prevent ice from being formed and not store it in the freezer but store the rose myrtle in the fridge.

How Long Does Rose Myrtle Last

Rose myrtle lasts for a long period if stored properly and in the right climate. If the rose myrtle is stored in the dry storage area, then there are high chances for the flower to last for 12 months, but if the rose myrtle is stored in the freezer, the flower dies.

Rose myrtle is not found in colder regions due to its internal temperature. The flower needs a temperature of more than 35 to 45 to stay alive and maintain its nutrients, minerals. The life of the rose myrtle depends on its storage condition. If you want to make it last longer, try not going for the freezing method. Rather opt for other methods discussed above.

How to Tell If Rose Myrtle is Bad

There is a time when every flower or fruit decomposes. The rose myrtle helps to keep the liver and stomach healthy. The rose myrtle is not a type of plant which is easily stored as it needs much work to stay alive. These are some points which warn you when not to eat the rose myrtle.

Worms: the feeding of worms and insects on the rose myrtle will increase. It is not recommended to eat something decomposing.

Appearance: the production of mold on the surface will be visible. It is strongly recommended to throw away the flower.

Discoloration: the actual color of the flower is pinkish-red, but if the flower is decomposing, the color changes to brownish.

Smell: there would be a funny and rotten smell. Which won’t be sweet and rosy as it used to be before.

Taste: Change in taste differs from when it was fresh. The taste would be bitter and not tasty. When the taste of any food is bad, it should not be consumed.