Does Rocamadour Cheese Go Bad

Does Rocamadour Cheese Go Bad?

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Rocamadour cheese is native to France, particularly manufactured in Quercy and Perigord areas. It is solely made from goat’s milk and has off white color; it looks like a small disc in appearance and has a very smooth velvety texture.

Rocamadour cheese has a strong nutty flavor, which makes it suitable for consumption with salads. It matures within six days minimum; its flavor becomes stronger with time and gives an acidic aroma. Usually, it remains good for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator, given that it is stored properly, but it can go bad if it is stored carelessly.

How to Store Rocamadour Cheese

Rocamadour cheese matures within 1-2 weeks and gives nutty flavor in your cuisines; its flavor intensifies more after two weeks and starts to give an acidic aroma; whether it is Rocamadour cheese or any other type of French cheese, it is difficult to store them but not impossible, so you have to be extra careful while storing them.

Some of the ways are given below, which can help store Rocamadour cheese,

Use Wax Paper

Whenever you have extra cheese, and you want to preserve it, always change its original packing and then store it because almost all of the cheeses came in plastic wrapping, which cannot give your cheese a chance to sweat, and this leads to spoilage.

Always make use of wax paper and wrap your cheese into it, and then, to be extra safe, double wrap it with thin polyethylene plastic and make some pores in it so that it can let the air in and out of the wax paper wrap. This way, your Rocamadour cheese will remain good for about two months in the refrigerator.

Storing Unopened Rocamadour Cheese

If you bought Rocamadour cheese and have not to open it, you can store it by taking it out of the plastic wrap and cover it with parchment or wax paper, and double wrap it with thin plastic and store it in the refrigerator, this way it will be good for a couple of months.

Keep It in Freezer

Cheese is extremely vulnerable and can get spoiled if not stored properly. Specifically, Rocamadour, being soft-ripened in nature, is more vulnerable than others, so it is always a preferable option to keep it frozen. Freezing can slow down the process of spoiling.

You can do it simply by putting it into heavy-duty freezer bags and then store it in Freezer.

Can You Freeze Rocamadour Cheese

Rocamadour cheese is categorized as soft-ripened in nature. Therefore, it has high moisture level than other semi-hard or pure hard cheeses. Moisture speeds up the spoilage process by allowing mold to grow in your food items, so that’s why Rocamadour can easily get spoiled if it is not carefully stored.

Freezing is the way that can increase its life span, and in Freezer, your Rocamadour cheese remains good for half of the year. To save your cheese from getting mold, you can add a little amount of olive oil around it; this way, mold will not directly grow on the cheese; instead, it will grow on oil, and you can remove the oil that has mold growth before using your cheese.

How Long Does Rocamadour Cheese Last

Mostly it depends on how well you store it; as already discussed above that Rocamadour can easily get spoiled because of its high moisture content, you have to take extra precautions while storing it; after being properly stored, Rocamadour remains stable for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator and about half of the year in Freezer.

You can preserve it by adding brine solution around your cheese; this will help slow down the spoiling process. Keep checking the wax paper of Rocamadour cheese; if it gets too wet, then replace it with a new one because the older one will not be as efficient as it used to be.

When you want to use it in your cuisines, take it out of the refrigerator just 5 minutes before and immediately put it back into the refrigerator. If you have frozen it, then let it defrost for a half-hour at least before using and then again refreeze it after using.

How to Tell If Rocamadour Cheese Is Bad

It is easy to tell about the spoilage indications in Rocamadour cheese because certain changes occur in its texture, smell, and color with the help of which you can identify the spoilage in it, following are some of these changes,

  • Dark Coloration: Rancid Rocamadour cheese has a dark yellow or light brown color, while normal one has creamy white color.
  • Off Odor: Spoiled Rocamadour cheese has a pungent bad smell, while normal one has a slightly acidic aroma.
  • Mold Growth: If your Rocamadour cheese has orange or dark grey spots, it means spoilage has occurred in it.