Does Ricotta Cheese Go Bad?

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Want to stuff your lasagne and pasta? Or you want to make a creamy dip for your crackers? Ricotta cheese is the best answer to these questions.  The creamy richness of ricotta cheese can elevate the flavor of your savory as well as sweet dishes.

The ricotta cheese has a short shelf life of around two weeks after it is opened. You need to consume it as soon as possible; otherwise, there are chances of it going bad. You can extend the shelf life of your ricotta by following some simple and necessary measures.

How to store your ricotta cheese?

Dairy products are extremely friendly to low-temperature environments. They grow molds readily if they are not stored properly. If you have recently started using ricotta cheese, and you do not know how long it will last or how to keep it, we can help you through the article.

Keep it Covered

The ricotta cheese is highly delicate and can go bad even with small mistakes. If you leave your ricotta cheese on the countertop open, it will go rancid in two days. The air may contain microorganisms that could contaminate your ricotta cheese. The molds will grow in the ricotta cheese.

If you leave it open in the fridge, the ricotta cheese may absorb fragrance from other food items. It will taste unpleasant after taking up the smell.

Refrigerate it

Ricotta cheese will go bad even with the slightest temperature fluctuations. There could be a sour smell in your cheese if kept at low temperatures for a long time. The ricotta cheese has fewer chances of growing molds when kept in the refrigerator.

The low temperature is not suitable for microorganisms to grow; there is a decreased probability of molding in the fridge.

Keep it away from sunlight

Ricotta cheese should never be placed under sunlight, even for the shortest time. The temperature fluctuation can destroy your cheese in a couple of hours. The whey and the curd will separate. If left for a long time, it can also grow molds in it.

Scoop out carefully

Whenever you have to use ricotta cheese, you should use a dry and clean spoon for your ricotta. Using a wet spoon will provide extra moisture for the molds and bacteria to grow. The ricotta cheese will go bad before its expiry date. For preventive measures, you should always use a clean, dry spoon it.

Can your freeze your ricotta cheese?

Many ricotta cheese manufacturing companies do not suggest freezing the ricotta cheese as it changes the cheese’s texture. The cheese becomes crumbly. You can regain the texture of the cheese by whipping it up again. It will still not be suitable for use in deserts.

You can store the frozen ricotta cheese for the long term. It will stay perfect for a year despite the change in its texture. You can use the frozen ricotta cheese in your cookings. It will taste perfect when cooked.

How long does ricotta cheese last?

The ricotta cheese offers various life durations depending on how it is stored. The shelf life of your ricotta cheese is usually mentioned on the box. It usually lasts for two to three days when it is kept at room temperature.

The ricotta cheese can last for up to two to three months when sealed and placed in the refrigerator. The opened and refrigerated ricotta cheese should be consumed within a month. There are chances of it going bad after a week.

The ricotta cheese may go bad before its expiry date if it is not given optimum storage conditions. The frozen ricotta retains its freshness for up to a year, and you can use it whenever you want.

How to tell if ricotta cheese is bad?

You can identify the rancid ricotta cheese merely by its appearance, texture, and smell. You can tell if the ricotta cheese is bad by knowing some basic indications. The following points will help you to see if it is bad.

  • The bad ricotta cheese is often moldy. It has blue or green spottings on it that will ensure you that your cheese has gone bad.
  • You will notice a sour and rancid smell coming off your ricotta cheese that is usually unbearable. You should not be using your ricotta cheese as it could be harmful to your health.
  • The bad ricotta cheese may have its whey and curd separated.
  • Your ricotta cheese will also turn pale from white when it has gone bad, and it is time that you dispose of your ricotta cheese.
  • You will also smell like fermentation in your ricotta cheese if it has gone bad for a couple of days.