Does Rice Syrup Go Bad?

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Rice syrup is a plant-based sweetener that is used instead of refined sugar. This is used to sweeten foods with lower calories. The rice syrup is traditionally used in Asian cuisines. It is also used to add a gaze to different types of Korean dishes. The shelf life of rice syrup depends on many factors. Rice syrup goes bad when not in use or not stored properly. It should be eaten before its expiration date.

Rice syrup has a sell-by date listed on the package. If you love the taste and usage of rice syrup, are willing to buy a huge amount, then this article is meant for you as this article will explain different ways of storing rice syrups.

How To Store Rice Syrup

For every food to last long, it is very important to store it in good condition to retain the taste and quality for a long time. The rice syrup production is done by breaking down starches in cooked rice by enzymes, and the result is thick sugary taste syrup. Brown rice syrup contains glucose, maltose, and malt triose.

There are many different types of ways that can be used to store and keep the rice syrup ready to use.

Keep at Room Temperature

The shelf life of the rice syrup is about a year at room temperature. When it is kept in the fridge than the syrup crystallizes and hardens, which changes in texture. The rice syrup should be stored away from sunlight.

Use Dry Spoon To Scoop The Rice Syrup

The best way to scoop the rice syrup out of the jar is by using a dry, cleaned spoon; the rice syrup becomes contaminated by other unwanted substances, which can change taste and appearance hence, prevents spoilage.

If a wet spoon scoops the rice syrup, then there are high chances of the rice syrup going bad within two months. The moisture incorporates the rice syrup.

Avoid Storing In Metal Container

Metal container heats up quickly as it conducts heat. It would oxidize when it is stored in a metal container, which means loss of oxygen.

Keep In Pantry

It is said that glass jar lids are ideal because they store rice syrup in an air-packed environment without contamination. Store it in the pantry. A plastic container may crystalize the syrup as it is porous.

Can You Freeze Rice Syrup

Rice syrup is excellent for freezing as it has a good thawing ability. After we thaw the syrup, it remains liquid. It preserves the nutrition and minerals in the syrup. It may damage by decreasing useful nutrients. The stored syrup goes bad as long as honey is in the right moisture ability to ferment. Most of the rice syrups do not need to be refrigerated. Once opened, it will go on without expiring for a year. . You will experience the same taste and fragrance even after years. In short, the best way to increase the lifespan of rice syrup is to freeze them.

How Long Does Rice Syrup Last

The shelf life of bay leaves is quite long. Rice syrup can go for a year without getting spoil, and once the rice syrup jar is opened, then it should be stored in a cool, dry place to keep the syrup safe and useable when the jar of rice syrup is opened then the rice syrup can stay in room temperature for more than a year.

If the rice syrup is in an airtight container and is kept in the pantry, they last for a year. And lastly, if the bay leaves are kept in the freezer, that can prolong the lifetime they last for one to two years. .You should not throw away the rice syrup if it is sealed and even has passed its expiry date.

You should test the rice syrup first; the most chance is to be perfectly fine for consumption. Make sure to store them properly, and trust me, they won’t get bad at all.

How To Tell If Rice Syrup Is Bad

We will discuss a few methods that you can use to indicate if your rice syrup has gone bad or is still good to go.

  • Smells Of: There would be a pungent smell which will be different from the normal. The smell can be sour, funny, or yeasty. When there is a strong smell, then it should not be used.
  • Taste: The taste won’t be sweet but would turn bitter. That taste would be weird and unbearably strong.
  • Appearance: There would be the production of mold start to appear on the surface of rice syrup. If you see mold growth on the surface, then the rice syrup should be discarded.
  • Discoloration: Rice syrups’ original color is brown, but when it is spoilt and unsuitable for use, the color darkens, and the texture thickens. It will help if you get rid of it immediately.