Does Red Mombin Go Bad

Does Red Mombin Go Bad?

Red Mombin is also known as Spondias purpurea, belongs to the cashew family. Red Mombin is grown on a flowering plant. The fruit has thin skin and has a small oval shape. The Red Mombin has a sweet but a little tangy pulp inside with a seed at the center. The more the fruit is ripped, the more sweetness is. Mostly the fruit is enjoyed raw.

The fruit is harvested in warm tropical regions and is commonly found in America, Brazil, and Mexico. The traces of this fruit can be found thousands of years back. It is used as food or to make medicines.

How To Store Red Mombin

Red Mombin is a small but juicy fruit and can be subjected to environmental and pests; thus, it must be stored properly and carefully. Here are some storage methods used to store the red mombins in your home.

Room Temperature

The red Mombin is sensitive to the environment they are being kept in. At room temperature, the Mombin will survive for only a few days. However, if you keep it at room temperature, make sure that you place them on a tray instead of a bucket and place the tray in a cold dark corner.


Usually, the mombins are stored in the refrigerator on a domestic scale. You can place them in your vegetable compartment, making sure that they get enough space, so they are not compressed, which will prevent them from squashing, maintaining the airflow. The guideline to wash the mombins is the same, to dry them before placing them in the refrigerator.


To make the Mombin last for a longer time, it is usually preferred to store them by freezing them. Freezing the Mombins is not that hard. You can directly freeze them in the freezer by placing them on a tray. Once frozen, they can be transferred to a freezer bag.

Juice Extraction

The red mombins can also be preserved by making juice out of them. You can remove the peel and the seed from the center and then place the plum in the juicer. Once the juice is extracted, contain it in an airtight container. You can then place it in the refrigerator or freeze it.

Can You Freeze Red Mombin

Yes, you can freeze the red mombins. There are different ways to store the red mombins by freezing them. The most common one is that you directly freeze the whole fruit without peeling it. Once frozen, the fruit will become rock solid. However, you can also unpeel the fruit and freeze only the plum of the fruit. Later you can enjoy it as a cold sweet dessert.

People also prefer to freeze the juice of the fruit. The juice must be contained in the airtight container and then placed in the freezer, eventually freezing. You can easily thaw it at room temperature like all other juices.

How Long Does Red Mombin Last

The shelf life of red mombins is not very long. In winters, the Mombins can last for a longer period at room temperature. On the contrary, in summers, they would last for only 2 – 4 days. If you are not strict with the instructions to store mombins at room temperature, they would eventually go bad in about two days. Without peel, the mombins would last for about a day only.

If you store the mombins in the refrigerator, then mombins can go bad in about 1 – 2 weeks. While storing the mombins in the refrigerator increases their shelf life by 60%, then storing them at room temperature.

Ultimately you can freeze the mombins, which can increase their life span by a couple of months. Normally freezing the raw mombins can make them last for 7 – 10 months. But if you are storing the plum of the fruit only, it may last for about 5 – 6 months.

How To Tell If Red Mombin Is Bad

Red Mombin is a juicy fruit and can go bad easily. Containing a bad mombin with a good one will make them go bad. It is important to distinguish between good and bad Mombin before you store it. Following are some of the features to look for in the mombins to identify if they have gone bad.

  • Appearance: Red mombins have a firm touch from the outside. But a mombin gone bad will not have a firm touch. The thin peel from the outside will have cracks and wrinkles in it. You will see a dark yellow color from the inside.
  • Smell: Though mombins are juicy fruit, they will have a strong rotten smell, and many of them will have an unbearable smell.
  • Taste: if the above signs are clear, then we will not suggest you eat the fruit. However, a bad mombin will have a strong sugar, but acidic taste with a strong tangy flavor indulged.