Does Reblochon Go Bad

Does Reblochon Go Bad?

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Reblochon is a semi-soft rind and smear-ripened cheese which is gained from cow milk in Savoie, France. It has a nutty, mild, and fruity flavor and matches up well with Savoie wine, melted on baked potatoes. In the alpine region of Savoie, it pairs up well with Tartiflette also.

For the fact that it is a semi-soft cheese, it is a wholesome addition to your cheese platters, sandwiches, slicing, and snacking purposes. If you intend to hold a grab on every important aspect of this cheese, give our article a read.

How To Store Reblochon

So you have just bought a pack of Reblochon cheese from a supermarket and used it to serve your purpose. Some of the cheese is leftover! What to do now? How to store it so that it does not rot and you do not have to face any money loss?

For sure, you have been storing and preserving cheese for later use for a considerate period. But wait! Let us tell you one thing that you might have been doing wrong as there are a lot of misconceptions regarding its storage. So let’s follow our piece of writing and get to know,

Avoid Use Of Plastic

Nearly all of the types of cheese we purchase come in plastic packaging, and we often store it in the same plastic packaging. But let us tell you that it is not the correct approach towards storing it as cheese needs air to retain its quality.

In Wax Or Parchment Paper

Suppose we are forbidding you to keep your Reblochon in plastic. Then where to keep it? A wax or parchment paper is a perfect substitute for plastic. While keeping it in wax or parchment paper in the refrigerator, keep it loosely wrapped to allow some air passage.

In Bell Jar Or Cheese Dome

Another good option to store your Reblochon cheese stock is to place it in a bell jar or a cheese dome and put that inside your refrigerator. A cheese dome also adds decor to your kitchen and allows the cheese to build its temperature and humidity.


To avoid your Reblochon cheese from getting subjected to the attack of molds, an additional step may also be performed, i.e., to add vinegar onto a paper towel or cheesecloth before storing it.

Can You Freeze Reblochon

To answer if you may adopt the freezing process to preserve your Reblochon cheese or not, so yes, it may be frozen, and it may not. Well, it completely depends on your need, either you wish it to eat raw or add in different cooked dishes.

If you intend to eat it raw, do not freeze it as it will cause its texture and flavor to damage. However, for cooking purposes, it may be frozen. To freeze Reblochon, wrap it in cheese paper and then put it inside an airtight ziplock bag.

How Long Does Reblochon Last

For how long does your stock of Reblochon cheese last? The answer to that question of yours is hidden in the storage conditions which you can provide it. As Reblochon is a semi-soft cheese, therefore its shelf life is less as compared to hard cheeses.

If you provide Reblochon cheese in refrigerated conditions at all costs, it will usually last up to 10 days there. However, in the freezer, the Reblochon cheese will remain at its best quality for up to more or less six months.

If the Reblochon cheese is kept at room temperature, it will last up to a couple of hours. With time, both its texture as well as flavor begins to damage. So, to sum up, all for you, Reblochon cheese, because of its semi-soft texture, offers a shorter shelf life.

How To Tell If Reblochon Is Bad

Another important point that needs to be covered about the Reblochon cheese is the signs of spoilage which it begins to exhibit after a certain period. Knowledge is necessary to maintain your health and hygiene standards.

How are you going to figure that out? Don’t bother about that as your health is our main priority, and we will help you out on that. Read our article further to find that.

We will mention a few indications that you can notice to know if your Reblochon is good to go or has gone bad and need to toss away. Let us have a look at them.

  • Appearance: Soft or semi-soft cheeses that have gone bad tend to develop green or blue molds throughout. If that is the case, throw the entire stock into the bin.
  • Texture: The Reblochon cheese, which has spoiled, gets harder around its edges.
  • Smell: A sour odor confirms that Reblochon is not fit to be consumed and replaced as soon as possible with the fresh stock.