Does Rangpur Go Bad

Does Rangpur Go Bad?

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Rangpur is a citrus fruit that is a mixture of citrus or limonite. It is orange in color and has the same characteristics as lemon. It has a very acidic taste, and its flesh and the outermost covering are also orange. Do you love rangpurs? If yes, then you would love to buy them in large amounts but have you ever thought, does rangpur go bad?

Like lemons, the shelf life of rangpur is also limited. There are limited days for the rangpur to stay fresh, after which it gets spoiled. If you are not familiar with the rangpurs, you must go through the whole article to get some information regarding the lifetime, preservation, and spoilage of rangpurs.

How to Store Rangpur?

Like lemons, rangpur cannot last for a long time. A time will come when they will spoil, and you will not be able to use them. But when will that time come when rangpur will go bad? It depends on the preservation of the rangpurs. If you have preserved them properly, they will live for a long time, but they will not last for long if you failed to preserve them properly.

If you have stored lemons for a long time, you may also know the preservation of rangpur. If you are unable to preserve them for a long period, then have a look at the following preservation tips.

Place in a cool and dark place

Fresh rangpurs can last for some weeks at room temperature. But it is only possible if they remain untouched and fresh. If you try to store cut rangpurs at room temperature, then they will go bad very quickly. They won’t last for even a day.

So, if you have bought fresh rangpurs and you are not thinking of using them now, then you can store them in your pantry or on the countertop for a couple of weeks. It is better to use them within a week if you store them on the countertop.

Store in refrigerator

You can keep your rangpurs fresh and preserved by storing them in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will extend the shelf life of rangpurs as well, and then you can enjoy its taste for a long time. If you have cut the rangpur into two halves and used one of them, avoid storing the second half at room temperature because it will go bad very quickly.

Store the cut part of rangpur in the refrigerator, where it will stay fresh for three days at least. And fresh rangpurs will last for almost two months in the fridge.

Store in airtight containers

Once you have cut the rangpurs and used some amount of it, now you remain with leftovers. Never store them as it is. It will be best for you to pack them in airtight containers before storing them in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Rangpur?

Yes, you can freeze rangpurs to preserve them for a long time. Freezing rangpurs is similar to freezing lemons. Both of them can last for a long time in the freezer without losing any quality. If you have bought too many rangpurs or you are left with the cut pieces of rangpurs, and you don’t want to use them quickly, then you can freeze them for a long period.

Make sure that you pack them properly in the freezer bags before freezing them.  You can freeze them as a whole, and you can also freeze them in slices. Rangpurs’ shelf life extends up to four months in the freezer.

How Long Does Rangpur Last?

Rangpur will go bad after its lifetime is over. Normally, the lifespan of rangpur is very short as it is not a shelf-stable item. But you can extend the shelf life of rangpur by good preservation. The whole rangpur should last for at least seven days on the countertop.

If you store the whole rangpur in the fridge, its shelf life will extend to a month or two. At the same time, cut rangpur can only last for a couple of days in the fridge. You cannot store cut rangpur on the countertop for a long time, and it will spoil rapidly. If you transfer the rangpur to the freezer for long preservation, it will stay fresh for four months.

How to Tell If Rangpur Is Bad?

Fresh rangpurs have bright orange color covering, and the flesh inside is also orange-colored. IT also has a pleasant smell, and it is firm to touch. If you notice any change in these characteristics of rangpur, then it means that it has gone bad.

  • If the color of rangpur changes to dark brown from orange, then it has gone bad. You should not use it.
  • If it smells bad, then you should discard it at once. Spoiled rangpurs smell bad.
  • If it feels softer and mushier when you touch it, then it is time to diminish them.