Does Radicchio Go Bad?

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Radicchio is a purple-colored vegetable that looks like cabbage or lettuce, but actually, it is not. It has purple-colored leaves with white-colored veins on it, and it is similar in the shape of a cabbage. It is a rare vegetable as it is not used and is found in many areas. But people who have used radicchio completely love to cook it.

If you found radicchio sitting in your refrigerator for some time but are confused about whether to use it or not. A question may arise in your brain, does radicchio go bad? Well, like cabbage and other vegetables, radicchio also has a limited shelf life. Check out some important information about radicchio given below in this article.

How to Store Radicchio?

Storing vegetables is not a big deal. The storage conditions for almost all the vegetables are the same. The way you store cabbage, the same way you can also store radicchio. It is very important to store the food products to protect them from going bad quickly.

So, if you have bought some amount of radicchio, you must store it properly not to spoil quickly. You should take care of some tips while storing radicchio to protect them from going bad quickly.

The cool and dark place

A cool and dark place is always suitable for vegetables and fruits. Radicchio can stay fresh for some time in the cool and dark place. Try to keep the radicchio away from the heat sources as they can affect its quality.

If you are thinking of using the radicchio within two days, you can store it in your pantry or countertop.

Store in fridge

The best and suitable place that can extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits is the fridge. The fridge is meant to extend the shelf life of those vegetables and fruits that do not have a long shelf life. So, they are stored in such conditions so that they can last for a long time.

If you don’t want your radicchio to go bad very early, then you must store it in proper conditions. You can store radicchio for a long time in the fridge without any worries. It will be best for you to use the radicchio within ten days if you have stored it in the fridge.

Don’t wash before storage

People sometimes do the mistake that they wash the fruits and vegetables before storing them in the fridge. But it should be prohibited. It is because water can affect the quality of the fruits very quickly. You should only wash the fruits and vegetables when you are thinking of using them. Washing them before storing them is not a good option.

Can You Freeze Radicchio?

Radicchio is a leafy vegetable, and it is mostly used in salads. These vegetables are not used daily, so you try to store them for a long time. For long-term storage, the first thing that pops up in your brain is the freezer. But have you ever thought, can you freeze radicchio?

Unfortunately, there is no use in storing radicchio in the freezer. It is because it is a leafy vegetable, and the leaves do not freeze well. So, it is better not to freeze radicchio. You can eat it directly, or you can use it in the salads without cooking.

Avoid buying radicchio in large amounts, and it is because you cannot freeze radicchio so that it can last for a long time. Buy in small amounts that you can handle easily. Instead of freezing, refrigeration is best to extend the shelf life of radicchio.

How Long Does Radicchio Last?

Now come to the shelf life of radicchio. From the above information, it will be clear to you that the shelf life of radicchio is short. It depends on you that how you store it to keep it fresh for a long time. Better storage will ensure longer shelf life for radicchio.

On the countertop or in the pantry, radicchio can last for a week. Better use radicchio in three days if you have stored it in the pantry. But to extend the shelf life of radicchio, if you store it in the refrigerator, it will keep its quality and freshness for almost one month. Radicchio does not freeze well, so there is no use in freezing it.

How to Tell If Radicchio Is Bad?

If you have ever noticed a spoiled cabbage, you can identify some signs of spoilage in it. These signs are the indicators that indicate to us that the product has gone bad. If you want to tell whether your radicchio is bad or not, take care of the following things:

  • Radicchio is purple. If you notice any change in its appearance, then it’s time to throw it away.
  • Sniff the veggie to check its smell. A pleasant smell means that the veggie is fresh, but if it smells bad, then it will be best for you to throw the radicchio away.
  • If you identify dark spots or bacterial formation on the veggie, then there is no use in eating it. Better throw it away.