Does Quince Go Bad?

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Quince is a popular fruit that is eaten and loved by people all around the globe. Quince is just like pears. The characteristics and shelf life of quince are similar to that of pears. Suppose you found a quince sitting on your countertop for many days, and you want to eat it, but at the same time, you are wondering, does quince go bad?

As a fruit, quince has a limited lifespan. It will go bad eventually if you do not take care of it, just like pears and apples. If you don’t know anything about quince, this article might help you provide you with some important information about quince.

How to Store Quince?

Storage plays a crucial role in extending the shelf life of the food product. So, it means that if you store the fruit in a suitable environment, then it will last for a long time. You cannot store the quince for a very long time on your counter because of its limited shelf life.

You can add a few more days or weeks in the shelf life of the quince by storing it properly in suitable conditions. If you have bought too many quinces, you will have to manage suitable conditions to store them to last for a long time. Check out some storage conditions for quince given below.

Keep in a cool and dark place

Quince is not a shelf-stable fruit. It cannot stay fresh for a long time in your kitchen or pantry. But if you have bought some quince and are thinking of using it within three days, then there is no need to store them in the refrigerator.

You can store them in a cool and dark place if you want to keep them fresh for some days at normal temperature. Place them on your countertop, or you can also store them in your pantry for some days. Once you store them at room temperature, try to use them within a week; otherwise, they will go bad.

Store in refrigerator

Storing the whole quince in the refrigerator is not a good choice. But if you have eaten some part of the quince and are left with some part, you don’t want to eat it. the best place to store the leftover in the fridge. If you store the cut quince on your countertop, it will go bad within a day.

But if you will store the leftovers in the fridge, they will last for ten days at least in the fridge. Pack them in the airtight container or freezer bags before storing them in the fridge.

Store in freezer

To extend the lifetime of quince, you can go for the freezing option. Just like pears, quince can last for six months in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Quince?

Freezing quince is not recommended as it does not stay fresh for a long time. It will not get spoiled, but unfortunately, it will lose its taste and maybe texture. Fresh quince will look completely different from frozen quince.

But if you want long-term storage, you can use a freezer as the first option for storing quince. You can cut it into pieces, and you can also store them in the freezer as a whole. Transfer the cut quince to the freezer bags and then put them in the freezer for long-term storage.

How Long Does Quince Last?

It is not difficult to estimate the shelf life of quince. If you know the shelf life of pears, then it will not be difficult for you to estimate the shelf life of quince as they both are the same in characteristics.

Quince is not shelf-stable so, it will not last for a long time. That means that it will not have a long shelf life. At room temperature, quince will last for a week. The refrigerator will extend its life up to ten days maximum. But if you are freezing it, then it will last for at least six months.

How to Tell If Quince Is Bad?

It is quite clear that the lifetime of quince is short, so that it will go bad quickly. But how do you know that the quince has gone bad? There may be some signs or indicators by looking at which you can tell if the quince is fresh or not.

Always check the quince before eating it to get an idea of whether it is fresh or not. Some indicators will tell us whether the quince is bad or not. These signs are given below:

  • Touch the quince to check its texture. If it is softer than usual, then it means that it has started spoiling. Don’t eat it in this case.
  • If the quince has some large and brown spots, then it means that it is spoiling. You can cut that part from the fruit. But if it is too much, then throw it away.
  • If the smell of quince feels bad to you, it will be best to get rid of it immediately.