Does Pulled Pork Go Bad?

Pulled pork can be a way in that pork shoulder to be prepared, but you can also use different assorted cuts that work perfectly. The pork is cooked in slow cooking until the connective tissue softens so that it ends up easily shredding. When it reaches that point, it is usually mixed with sauce to give it more flavor.

You may be thinking of preparing a barbecue, you want to do something special to surprise everyone, and it occurs to you to cook pulled pork. Still, you are worried that you may have leftovers, and you want to be prepared for that eventuality. You want to know everything about the duration and preservation of pulled pork, and luckily for you, in this article, we address these issues, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

How to store Pulled pork

Pulled pork can be a tasty dish and accompany both pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and everything you want. Just choose your favorite food and add pulled pork to enjoy the flavor in all its splendor.

Despite all the benefit that you can get from pulled pork in the different ways in which you can eat it, this dish turns out to be somewhat delicate in terms of conservation, so to enjoy the benefits of its flavor, you should be careful about how to keep it, and it can last in good condition as long as possible.

It is a general rule that the meat must remain at low temperatures so that it is kept in good condition, and this rule also applies for shredded fences, so as soon as you have determined that you are do not want to consume it immediately, then you should keep it inside the refrigerator.

Concerning when pulled pork should be refrigerated, the ideal will always be as soon as possible. Remember that two hours is the limit you have to leave pulled pork or any pork cooked at room temperature because from then on, the bacterial activity will begin to develop, and the pork will end up spoiling.

Another aspect to keep in mind when storing pulled pork is storing it with sauce can make a difference in how long it can last in storage.

Over time pulled pork will absorb the flavor of the sauce, making it more palatable but depending on the ingredients of the sauce, this can shorten the time it can be kept in good condition. For this reason, we recommend you store pulled pork separated from the sauce and mix them when you want to eat them.

Finally, it would be best if you did not forget that you must use clean utensils when you handle pulled pork. If these are covered with leftovers from other foods or sauces, they may be affected by pollutants.

Can You Freeze Pulled pork?

If you have prepared more pulled pork than could be consumed at the time, and you do not plan to finish it soon after you prepared it, then the option you should opt for is long-term storage. Luckily this is possible if you freeze pulled pork.

The method to freeze pulled pork is relatively simple, and you have to place it in an airtight container where it can be protected from cold burns. If you plan to freeze pulled pork to which you have already added sauce, then we recommend that you store it in several small airtight containers so that you can easily choose the number of servings you are going to consume.

How Long Does Pulled pork Last

As we mentioned earlier, pulled pork can be a bit delicate to preserve, which is why it does not have a particularly long shelf life, which is why we recommend that you consume pulled pork as soon as possible.

Once you have prepared pulled pork, you can keep it at room temperature for two hours, as we have already mentioned above. If you keep pulled pork in the refrigerator, it can last with the best quality of its flavor and freshness for three days and in good condition for five days.

The most durable option for storing pulled pork is undoubtedly freezing. By properly applying this method, it will remain in its best conditions for three months. Once that period has elapsed, it will remain in good condition. Still, it will lose its quality as time goes by.

How to tell if pulled pork is bad

We have already made it clear that pulled pork does not have the ability to stay in good condition for long if you do not consume it soon after preparing it. For this reason, the safest thing you can do is take the time to check for a problem with pulled pork to avoid the possibility of getting sick from eating unhealthy food.

When you are checking pulled pork, you should be aware of factors such as mold, bad odors, and changes in consistency and texture (that it turns gelatinous or slimy). If you find any of these characteristics in pulled pork, the safest thing to do is discard it.

Lastly, if your pork spends more than a week in the refrigerator, don’t even bother to check it and discard it directly. If your pig is still within the safe-to-consume period and does not show indicators of being in poor condition, then there is nothing to worry about.


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