Does Protein Powder Go Bad

Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

Protein powder is a supplement made with whey whose main objective is to provide the body with the missing nutrients according to the consumer’s needs. Protein powder is a versatile food since it can be mixed without any problems in smoothies, coffee, mashed potatoes, and some baked recipes.

You may be thinking of buying protein powder to add to your diet, or you may already have some at home. You are worried about how long it will last in good condition or if it has spoiled. If this is the case, you have arrived at the place indicated because you will find all the information you need regarding these issues.

How to store Protein Powder

It is used by people under a diet, who are doing high-impact exercise, who seek to increase muscle mass or those who want to lose weight. In essence, protein powder is vital for those who want to achieve goals to get in shape.

As you can see, protein is a versatile food with many benefits for lovers of life fitness, but these benefits can only be enjoyed while it is in good condition. Therefore it is necessary to be cautious and know how to store powdered protein.

Storing protein powder is not rocket science. Everything you need to do to store it can be summed up in the following list of rules to follow:

Keep it in a good place

When you have bought your protein powder and take it home, you cannot store it anywhere; you must store it in an area with optimal conditions for this task. It must be dark, cool, and dry. In general, the pantry does not have problems meeting all the needs, such as those mentioned above, so using it is the safest way to proceed.

Keep it sealed

Once you have opened the container of your protein powder, you must close it again. At the same time, you will not use it again, so try never to leave it uncovered to avoid being affected by any contaminating agent.

Protein powder usually comes in a plastic jar with a lid that allows you to reseal it once you have opened it. In case it breaks, or you have purchased your protein powder in a packaging that does not allow you to reseal it, we recommend you to pour everything in an airtight container so that it remains safe.

Use clean utensils when you are going to handle the protein powder. You must be careful with the utensils you use. If they are dirty or wet, your protein powder may become contaminated, and it will end up spoiling.

Can You Freeze Protein Powder?

Maybe you found a protein powder discount and decided to buy as much as you could, now you have more than you can consume shortly. You may be wary of room temperature to store your protein powder and wonder if it is possible to freeze it for long-term preservation, technically it is something you can do, but it is not recommended.

Protein powder needs to be kept dry, and by freezing it, you run the risk of being affected by humidity during the defrosting process, which is why it is best to store it at room temperature. In the case of protein shakes, things are safer. You can freeze them without any fear.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last

When you buy your protein powder, it may surprise you that you can find different types in stores. There are different foods from which the protein can be extracted. Despite having different origins, all protein powders usually have the same duration. Luckily, this is usually long, so if you have a little store for a couple of weeks, you can rest easy because it is surely in good condition.

Similarly, all protein powders always have a label on the outside of the package that indicates the deadline for their best quality standard. Once the established period has elapsed, it will not spoil, but its nutritional components’ potency will lose potency over time.

As for the exact dates of the protein powder’s duration, it can be estimated that while it remains at room temperature, it can be kept in good condition for around nine months if the packaging is closed and for six months once you have opened it. When it comes to protein shakes, these can last a day or two if you refrigerate them.

How to Tell If Protein Powder Is Bad

Despite the long life of the protein powder, it will eventually reach its limit and begin its degradation process if you do not consume it all. Apart from that, it can also happen that the protein powder is contaminated. In any case, you must check if it is in good condition before consuming it to avoid the possibility of getting sick from consuming a portion of food in poor condition.

Among the aspects that you should look for to know if your protein powder is in poor condition, you should pay attention to the presence of lumps. These can be generated by themselves or by humidity, so you should check them in detail to distinguish them. If it is moisture, you should discard the protein powder because it can lead to organic substances such as mold.

If you do not find anything wrong after reviewing the protein powder, you should proceed to do a taste test. You should prepare a small portion of the shake and, based on that, determine if the quality of the shake is good enough so that you can continue consuming it.


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