Does Prosciutto Go Bad

Does Prosciutto Go Bad?

It is a white pig ham, presented without the hoof and boneless, which has undergone a cure in the cellar after spending its first hours in a cold room and has made a salty similar to Serrano. It has a five-pointed ducal crown as an emblem. It has a slightly nutty flavor due to the whey of the Parmesan cheese that is sometimes added to the feed of pigs.

Prosciutto is a cured ham that, apart from being a bit delicate, is also expensive so if you plan to buy it then you should know everything about its duration and storage so keep reading because in this article we will offer you all the information you need to learn about this topic.

How to store Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a popular meat in Italian gastronomy used mainly as a starter before the main course. In general, it is also used as a filling for other meats and even as a wrap. It can also be used as an ingredient in salads, pasta sauces, pizzas, and filling in bread.

As you will see, prosciutto is very versatile in the kitchen, so that you can take advantage of the benefits of its flavor in different ways, but this is only possible. At the same time, it is in good condition, so you will have to be careful and apply the appropriate storage methods so that you can keep your prosciutto for as long as possible. Keeping the prosciutto in good condition is not rocket science. All you have to remember is that it is a delicate piece of ham. Keeping this in mind, you must follow the following rules:

Keep it in a proper place.

Prosciutto is the same as other types of ham. Therefore it has the same requirements regarding the environment in which they must be, which means that you should keep it refrigerated as soon as you bring it home from the store where you bought it to be kept cool.

Keep it sealed

When you buy the prosciutto, it usually comes in plastic packaging, which can usually be resealed. However, it also usually comes sliced ​​in trays covered by plastic wrap; in any case, that protection should be enough, but if they are damaged or broken, you can replace them with an aluminum foil cover.

Keeping the prosciutto sealed is necessary so that it is not affected by pollutants and the aroma of other foods or that the prosciutto itself permeates the entire refrigerator with its aroma.

Use clean utensils

When you go to slice or chop the prosciutto, you should make sure that both the knives you are using and any other utensil are not dirty or covered with leftovers of any other type of food. In this way, you will be making sure to keep your prosciutto free of any element that may cause negative effects.

Can You Freeze Prosciutto?

Perhaps you have bought prosciutto in volumes that you do not see yourself capable of consuming in the short term, or you may have leftovers that you do not want to consume for the time being. Hence, yours is long-term storage. Then you may be interested to know if you can freeze it to preserve it in this way, the answer to this question is yes, but it may not be the most recommended method in some cases.

The issue when freezing prosciutto is that after the freezing and thawing process, the ham’s texture can be significantly affected, although its flavor will remain the same. If this change in your prosciutto doesn’t bother you, then we recommend that you store it in a freezer bag and get as much air out of it as possible. Once you have completed the entire procedure, you can store it in freezing temperatures for at least three months.

How Long Does Prosciutto Last

Prosciutto is not a long-lasting ham, so when you start consuming it, you should try to finish it as fast as you can; it will end up spoiling. If you foresee that you will not finish it, you must prepare to freeze it.

As we mentioned before, you can find the prosciutto pre-packed in plastic and already sliced in a tray with a plastic cover. In both cases, these will have labels that indicate a deadline of their best quality standard before which it is recommended that it should be consumed. . Once the established deadline has passed, the prosciutto will still be safe to eat for a couple more weeks as long as the packaging has not been opened.

As for the exact duration of the prosciutto, you can be faithfully guided by what the label indicates; it will always be a good estimate. Once you open the package, you will have around four days to finish consuming it.

How to Tell If Prosciutto Is Bad

To recognize how the prosciutto looks when it is in bad condition, you must first be clear about what it looks like when it is in perfect condition.

In the market, you can find two varieties of prosciutto. There are both raw and cooked. The raw looks between red and pink with white traces of fat, while the cooked variety looks pink with a pale tone and with faint traces of grease.

Now that you know the base parameters, you will know how to compare them to identify any appreciable changes or signs that indicate some damage.

When you are checking your prosciutto to see if it is in poor condition, you should be aware of the presence of discoloration (if the ham turns gray, it is a clear sign that it is in poor condition), the presence of mold, or any organic growth, and any change in the typical smell of the prosciutto. If you managed to grasp any of the aforementioned characteristics, then immediately discard your prosciutto.

If you do not find anything that indicates that it is in bad condition when checking your ham, you can be sure that you can use it to consume it directly or use it for cooking any dish.


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