Does Pont L'eveque Go Bad

Does Pont-l’Évêque Go Bad?

Pont-l’Évêque is originally a French cheese. The cheese is manufactured in the vicinity around the commune of Pont-l’Évêque in Normandy. The milk source is obtained from dairy cattle.

Pont-l’Évêque is considered to be the mature Norman cheese that is still in production. It has a soft and washed rind texture. The Pont-l’Évêque cheese does go bad. It is a dairy product and has a high tendency to spoil. The only way to save your Pont-l’Évêque cheese is to store it well. This article will further elaborate on different ways of storage and how to avoid it.

How to store Pont-l’Évêque?

It is important to store Pont-l’Évêque cheese. Otherwise, it will go bad fast. The following mentioned ways would help you to keep your cheese fresh. The shelf-life is not long. You have to be very careful in handling the Pont-l’Évêque cheese. It is used in multiple dishes and different ways. The washed rind gives Pont-l’Évêque cheese rustic, farmyard aroma. Following are different ways.

Keep at room temperature

In ample of the option storing Pont-l’Évêque cheese at room temperature is one. This method is not a recommended way to store cheese. It will ruin fast if the correct temperature is not provided. Suppose you have a plan of consuming Pont-l’Évêque cheese the same day you can store then. Make sure the room temperature is not warm. Avoid placing it on the kitchen counter. The temperature there is not suitable for cheese, and it will go bad.

Store in refrigerator

The temperature in the refrigerator is perfectly suitable to store Pont-l’Évêque cheese. It remains fresh in cold temperatures. There are very few chances of Pont-l’Évêque cheese going bad in the refrigerator.

It will only go bad when the expiry date exceeds. You can consume the cheese for few weeks. You don’t have to worry about cheese going awful.

Don’t store in plastic wrap

Cheese normally comes in plastic wrap. Storing Pont-l’Évêque cheese in plastic wrap is a huge mistake. If you want to maintain the freshness of your cheese, don’t keep it in plastic wrap.

It is the worst thing you can do. By design, plastic wrap is a full barrier. Air and humidity are a requirement for Pont-l’Évêque to breathe. The cheese can absorb plasticizers, or it can act as a sponge. Such issues affect the flavor of the cheese.

Use specialty cheese paper

The best storing material is specialty cheese paper or bags. These cheese papers help maintain humidity and allow Pont-l’Évêque cheese to breathe. This keeps the cheese fresh for a longer time. Specialty cheese paper is a two-ply material.

Can you freeze Pont-l’Évêque?

There is no harm if you want to freeze the cheese. Yes, you can. Take it out from plastic wrap and keep it in specialty cheese paper or bag. Else use an air-tight container. Let the lid of the airtight container be a little loose.

Freezing cheese is okay, but when it comes to thawing the cheese, it will be tricky. You can not directly use the cheese; it will be hard as a rock. Instead, keep the Pont-l’Évêque cheese in the refrigerator overnight.  It will be properly thawed. The refrigerator will maintain the texture and flavor of Pont-l’Évêque cheese.

How long does Pont-l’Évêque last?

There is no specific time that how long will Pont-l’Évêque cheese last. The reason is there are different storing procedures. With different methods, there will be different lasting times.

If you want Pont-l’Évêque cheese to last long, you have to focus on the process of storing. If you store it well, nothing can stop the cheese from staying fresh. The quality of cheese also matters. If the cheese quality is good when you bought it from the store, it will last. It will last up to 4 to 6 weeks in the refrigerator. After that, it will go bad. Make sure to use it within the given time.

In the freezer, Pont-l’Évêque cheese will last up to 2 to 3 months and even 4months. After four months, you can use it, but it will not be fresh or tasteful. So please don’t use it. The nutrients will not be the same.

How to tell if Pont-l’Évêque is bad?

You can very easily identify if Pont-l’Évêque cheese has gone bad. There are simple steps you need to know. Being knowledgeable about cheese is good. You won’t have to waste it and save money and time. Your health shall always be your priority. The dairy items spoil within no time so. The dairy that is spoiled comes with health risks. Following are indicators to know.

  • The aroma of Pont-l’Évêque cheese becomes extremely pungent. It happens when the cheese ripens, and rind turns into sticky material.
  • The discoloration is another indicator that the Pont-l’Évêque cheese is spoiled. Do not consume the cheese. Discard it straight away.
  • If you don’t feel any difference in appearance or smell, give it a taste test. After eight weeks, it is a must if the taste is unpleasant, throw away.
  • The Pont-l’Évêque cheese will become extremely soft, which is also an indicator that cheese has led to spoilage.