Does Pomsite Go Bad

Does Pomsite Go Bad?

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Pomsite fruit is commonly known by the name golden apple; it is an edible fruit. The fruit and its leaves are eaten raw. Its leaves are used in a green salad. The fruit has a mildly sweet and a bit of tart taste.

It’s mostly used in chutney, stews, and dips as the fruit is juicy and has a hint of sour taste, which makes the dips quite savory. Unripe pomsite is green in color, but it turns yellow golden on ripening. Pomsite fruit is a rich source of antioxidants; it helps to prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Like other fruit and vegetables, pomsite fruit does go bad. Mold growth and microbes lead to spoilage of pomsite fruit.

How to Store Pomsite Fruit?

The shelf of fruit strongly depends on the way how you are storing it. If proper methods are applied to store pomsite fruit, it can stay good even after its shelf life period. We are enlisting some of the best ways to help you out while storing pomsite fruit.

In pantry

Place pomsite fruit in the pantry, away from sunlight and heat sources. You can place pomsite fruit in the pantry only when planning to eat or utilize it within a few days. It’s best to keep unripe pomsite fruit in the pantry. Always spot them in a cool, dark cabinet that is free of moisture. Don’t place the fruit where there is direct exposure to sunlight.

In fridge

If you have brought unripe pomsite fruit, you can keep it in the pantry until fully ripen. Once ripen, try not to store it in the pantry. Go for refrigerating if you have bought ripen pomsite. Don’t peel or wash the fruit before putting it in the fridge; take a zip lock bag put pomsite fruit inside it, and spot the fruit bag in the crisper drawer. Try to store in the fridge away from ethylene releasing gas fruits and vegetables.

Pomsite dips or sauce

You can store pomsite fruit by making pomsite dip and chutney. It lasts longer than the whole fruit, and you can enjoy the yummy tartly pomsite dip whenever you want, and it’s quite fun to make.

Take a pan, add oil, mustard seed, cardamom, and curry leaves, heat the pan. After that, add one onion and green chili sliced until it turns translucent. Remove the skin of pomsite fruit and grate it.

Add the pulp and grated fruit in two cups of water, add sugar and boil it until consistency thickens. Add the thick pomsite paste to the pan containing spices, green chili, and onion. Mix it well and when cooled, transfer the sauce to an airtight glass container. Place the container in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze pomsite fruit?

You can freeze pomsite fruit, but you need to prepare for freezing pomsite fruit. You can freeze pomsite fruit whole, but it’s not the best way to do it. It’s better if you freeze after cutting up in slices; this will help in preventing the fruit from sticking together and forming a blob.

Peel the fruit cut the fruit into slices, and place them on a tray lined with parchment paper. Freeze the slices, remove the tray out of the freezer, spot frozen slices in a zip lock bag. Mark the bag with the due date and store it in the freezer.

How long does pomsite fruit last?

Pomsite fruit has a shelf life of weeks; its life span depends on how you store them. We have addressed the ways above in the article to store pomsite fruit. Unripe pomsite fruit has a relatively long shelf life than ripe fruit.

Unripe pomsite fruit stays good in the pantry for a week, but it’s not suitable to place pomsite in the pantry or at room temperature when riped. Store it in the fridge when ripen; ripen pomsite fruit remains good in the refrigerator for two weeks.

If you want to enjoy pomsite throughout the season, you can adopt the freezing method. Freezing increases the shelf life of pomsite to months; in the freezer, the fruit stays good for six months. Proper storing helps to extend the shelf life of fruit beyond its best before date.

How to tell if pomsite fruit is bad?

Like other fruit and vegetables, pomsite fruit can go bad, and consuming spoil fruit can harm your health. Stale fruit doesn’t have the same taste and flavor as fresh fruit; spoil pomsite fruit contains many harmful bacteria that can cause food-borne illness. Following are some tips that can help you identify rotten pomsite fruit.

  • Never pick over ripen pomsite fruit as they go bad soon even after keeping in refrigerator.
  • Look at the outer skin if you notice bruises, marks, or any discoloration. It’s indicating pomsite is no longer fresh.
  • Observe the texture of pomsite if it seems squishy or slimy. Toss it
  • Get your olfactory and gustatory sense on work, if pomsite smell or taste bad it’s better to discard.