Does Pommecythere Go Bad

Does Pommeycthere Go Bad?

Pommecythere is a delicious Caribbean fruit. It is often known as the golden apple. It has a thick rind on the outside and soft flesh inside. When eating raw, you can enjoy the crispy texture and tart flavor it provides. Upon ripening, it attains a yellow color with soft, sweet, and juicy pulp. It can be enjoyed both ways.

The pommecytheres are actually usually hard to find. They are only native to some areas. Once you get the taste of it, there is no way that you can resist it anymore. You will crave for it again and again. To satisfy your anytime cravings, you can store them in your home. If you are a little baffled about its storage, leave all your worries on us. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks for you that will help you with the storage.

How to Store Your Pommecytheres?

These Pommecytheres offer a very different yet amazing taste. They can be enjoyed alone and can be made into pickles, jams, and jellies. You can also make smoothies and milkshakes from the ripened pommecytheres. Indeed it is one of the multipurpose fruits.

Since you are new to this fruit, you might find some difficulty in its storage. The truth is, it is super easy. You do not have to worry at all since we have got you covered. You need to keep some points in your mind before storing them.

Your Pantry is a Good Place

The pommecythers have a thick skin on the outside. They are resistant to dehydration and the growth of bacteria and fungi. Hence, the pommecytheres have a long shelf life. They can be kept in the pantry for a long time. When you are shopping for pommecytheres, make sure you select the raw ones. They do last quite longer than the ripened ones.

You can keep them in your pantry. The pantry provides the optimum storage conditions. It has no environmental moisture. Keeps your fruit away from sunlight and other heat sources. Eventually, it extends the shelf life of your pommecytheres.

Sunlight; A Bad Companion

Usually, sunlight works best when you have to ripe pommecytheres. The sunlight accelerates the ripening process. So it works best. Once your pommecytheres are ripened, remove its access from sunlight. It will over-ripe your pommecytheres. In the end, they will go bad.

If you want to enjoy them raw and crispy, do not leave them under sunlight for any time. The sunlight is very beneficial to microbial organisms to grow. When they grow, they make the fruits, and other foods go bad. Molding appears over the food.

Refrigerate Your Pommecytheres

The pommecytheres are best stored in the fridges. There is an optimum temperature maintained in the fridge. It helps the pommecytheres to sustain for a long time. Although they have a thick rind, the low temperature also accompanies the skin to extend the storage life.

There are minimal chances for the bacteria and fungi to grow. It is because of the low temperature. You can store the pommecytheres for about one to two months in the fridge.

Can you freeze your Pommecytheres?

Oh yes! You can freeze your Pommecytheres to store them for a long time. You can store the raw ones as well as the ripe ones. They are good both ways. You do not have to put much effort into it. There is only one prohibition that you can not freeze them with their skin on. All you have to do is, peel them off, pit the seed out, and cut them into slices.

You can place the slices into a ziplock bag or an airtight container, so they do not undergo freeze burn. The raw pommecytheres can be enjoyed as it is after thawing, whereas the ripened ones are good for cooking purposes and smoothies.

How Long Does Pommmecytheres Last?

Pommecytheres offer quite a long shelf life. The major reason is the thick skin on the outside. It prevents dehydration, and also, there is protection against the microbes. If you buy the raw pommecytheres, you can keep them for a month in your pantry. The riped ones can sustain a week there. If you keep them in your fridge, they won’t go bad for about two months.

If you freeze your pommecytheres, they last the longest. You can store them for an indefinite time. One thing you will have to make sure that you should not defrost them repeatedly.

How to Tell If Pommecytheres Are Bad?

It is quite easy to indicate the bad and the good pommecytheres. It does not require much effort. If you know some basic points, you can make your decision real quick. You might have to dispose of your pommecytheres if the following symptoms appear.

  • The color of the pulp changes from light yellow to brown in case of bad pommecytheres.
  • The bad smell takes over the place.
  • You will see a sticky and slimy fluid when you cut them open.