Does Pomelo Go Bad?

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Pomelo is a delicious citrus fruit. It is one of the types of grapefruit. It is also known as pummelo.  Pomelo has many nutrient factors. It is a highly used fruit for weight loss. It can contain Vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Also, Pomelo is a good source of Vitamin C. This citrus fruit is best for anti-aging and heart disease.

As mentioned, Pomelo is a citrus fruit, so normally, it does not go bad, but when you did not store Pomelo properly, it will go bad and harmful to your immune system. Always check the before and after date whenever you buy a grapefruit. Make sure you store Pomelo with proper methods and precautions; otherwise, Pomelo will badly affect your body.

How to store Pomelo?

When you start storing your citrus fruit, you take all the precautions seriously because it will keep your Pomelo’s shelf life increased for the long term.

It is a seasonal fruit and has many health benefits. You can use pomelos in juices, make smoothies, and other bakery items. For that, you should follow all the steps which are given below.

In the pantry

Pomelo has a shelf life of up to two weeks maximum, but when you buy unripe Pomelo, make sure you ripen them first in the pantry. Place Pomelo in a dark place or in cold temperature to increase its shelf life. You can store Pomelo in the pantry for about one week. If you store them for more than one week, it may cause lose the citrus fruit flavor after one week.

Away from the sunlight

Avoid placing Pomelo in a heat source or direct heat of sunlight. Putting Pomelo in front of sunlight will destroy your fruit within hours, away from the sunlight, and put Pomelo in a dark or cooler area to save its shelf life.

In the refrigerator

When you place Pomelo in the refrigerator for storing, you should follow some precautions steps which are given below.

  • Pomelo doesn’t need to be a wash.
  • Always put Pomelo in the brown paper if you do not cut them.
  • If you want to cut pomelos, then cut them at the top of its cap and slice them into pieces.
  • Take a plastic bag and put the slice of pomelos in it.

If you store pomelos for the longer used, this precaution given above will keep its shelf life for more than three weeks.

Can you freeze Pomelo?

Always put Pomelos in the cooler area to increase the shelf life of this citrus fruit. For that, the following article will tell you the most simple and easiest methods that how you freeze your pomelos in the freezer for up to 10 to 12 months.

Normally all fruits are easy to maintain their flavor and shapes. Still, Pomelo is one of the trickiest citrus fruit, so follow the procedure and precautions that can keep the freshness and citrus flavor of Pomelo remain the same.

Firstly take fresh Pomelos and peel them. After peeling, you can cut Pomelos and make a slice of its pieces. After making a slice, you can remove all the seeds. Take a saucepan, add two ¾ cups of sugar and 4 cups of water to it. Mix all the mixture well and make syrup. When the syrup is purely ready, then wait until the syrup is cool down. After that, put the normal temperature of syrup on the slice of Pomelo and takes an air-tight container, put the mixture along with the slice, and place them in the freezer.

How long does Pomelo last?

The shelf life of this citrus fruit is approximately two weeks. It depends that how you store pomelos to increase their shelf life and use them for the long term. There are many methods for storing pomelos to save their shelf life and used for longer-term.

When you put the pomelos at room temperature, it will last for about one week. If you place pomelos for more than one week, then the flavor and taste can change. Unripe pomelos will take 2 to 3 days to ripen and lasts at room temperature for 4 to 5 days. Another method is putting pomelos in the refrigerator and freezer. When you place pomelos in the refrigerator, it will last for about 3 to 4 weeks, and in the freezer, putting pomelos in an air-tight container with the procedure that will last for up to a year.

How to tell if Pomelo is bad?

Pomelo was citrus fruit. When you did not store them properly, it will go bad. When you place pomelos for storing process, there is no bad piece; otherwise, one bad piece of Pomelo will spoil the entire bunch. Here are some symptoms you should know when your pomelos are going too bad. The symptoms are:

  • Wrinkles on it.
  • Changing color.
  • Become pulpy.
  • Bad smell.
  • Dark spots.