Does Pois Doux Go Bad

Does Pois Doux Go Bad?

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The most common name for pois doux is Ice cream beans. It is also known as Inga or Guaba fruit. Pois doux is a very famous fruit for its sweet vanilla taste. It has a unique fruity taste. You can use it as your dessert as well as for flavoring of dishes.

If your children are fond of vanilla and cotton candy ice cream, you know what to give them instead. Pois doux will not only give your children a yummy and creamy taste, but it will also give a lot of nutrition to them. Believe us; once you eat this fruit, you will get fascinated by its luscious flavor.

How to Store Pois Doux?

If you have bought pois doux in bulk, then you might wonder how to store the fruit to make them last longer. This article will provide you all the things about pois doux, so continue to read if you are interested. You can store pois doux by using the following methods:

In a Cool and Dry place

As we know, pois doux has a rigid leafy outer part, which protects the inner fruit for an average period. Still, you have to keep the whole fruit in a cool and dry place. Hot temperature can make it go bad anyway.

Also, moisture interaction is bad for this creamy fruit. So, make sure that there is no wet thing placed near the fruit. You can use fruit baskets or plastic bags to keep the fruit in the pantry.

Soaked in anything fruity

If you want to store just the pulp of pois doux, the best way is to soak all the pulp in any fruity juice. Pineapple juice is the best option. You can also use vodka or any other sweet juice to store the pulp. Ensure that the jar you use is airtight. Every time you use the fruit from the jar, reseal it tightly.

In the Refrigerator

You can store pois doux in the refrigerator for a long term time. The one soaked in the juice will last longer than the one kept separately. This is because we preserve the fruit in the juice and airtight jar for longer use. If you are storing pois doux separately, then the process is the same. You have to keep the pulp in an airtight jar or container. In this way, the fruit will retain freshness for longer.

Can you Freeze Pois Doux?

To make pois doux extra-long, freezing is the best option. This fruit freeze well and thus stay good to be used in flavoring dishes. You cannot eat the frozen pois doux fresh, but you can use it in any of your favorite dishes anytime later.

There are two ways to freeze the fruit. The best is to collect all the pulp from the fruit and freeze it in an airtight container. You can also use freezer bags but make sure that the bag is airtight too. If possible, remove all the extra air from the bag. You can also store the fruit soaked in juice or vodka etc. Seal the jar every time you use the fruit. There should be no way for air to enter the jar or container; otherwise, the fruit may go bad.

How long does Pois Doux Last?

The shelf life of pois doux is average if you store it with great care. Its shelf life at room temperature is short as compared to the refrigerator. The life span of this fruit completely depends on the storage conditions.

If you store unripe pois doux in your pantry, it will stay good until it ripens. As long as it gets ripened, you have to transfer it to the refrigerator to make it last longer. Pois doux kept in the refrigerator with all precautions will stay good for 5 to 6 days.

The fruit soaked in juice or stuff is preserved, so its shelf life is long. It will be safe to eat for at least 2 to 3 months until it meets any unfavorable condition. Frozen pois doux lasts the longest. You can enjoy the same savor and taste of frozen fruit for 9 to 12 months.

How to tell if Pois Doux is Bad?

Pois doux, when it turns bad and rotten, gives an awful and sour taste and smell. You can figure out from its appearance whether it is bad or not. When bad, pois doux gives the following signs.

  • The fruit soaked in the juice will have a layer of mold on it when it turns bad. You should stop eating it in this case.
  • The texture of raw pois doux becomes mushy and watery when bad. Toss them out immediately.
  • If the fruit interacts with moisture, it gets mold and becomes bad.
  • If you feel like the taste and smell of pois doux is bad and gross, do not eat it anymore.