Does Poha Go Bad?

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Poha is a dish made from rice using the method of preboiled and flattened and then drying it. The thickness of Poha depends upon the pressure that is used while flattering. They are mostly greyish and white. The common size of Poha is about 2mm long and is lightweight.

The taste of Poha depends upon the recipe used while cooking, and the Poha can also be soft and crunchy. They are popular and used mostly in Asia. They are also known as Pressed rice or Flattened rice.

As Poha provides many benefits and flavors, the question is that does it Go bad? The answer to this question is. Yes, it can go bad, and we will have to discard it if not stored properly. Let’s discuss below the techniques that are being used while storing Poha.

How to store Poha?

We can store Poha in different ways and can enjoy it later. In some ways, it will have not that much time to survive, and, in some ways, it will take a long time to get spoiled. Let’s discuss the storage of Poha and the techniques that we use to make them last longer.

In Pantry

We can store Poha in the Pantry if we want to enjoy it with a fresh and good flavor. If we store Poha in the Pantry, we need to consume it quickly and not store it for long. If stored for long in the Pantry, it will go dry and worsen, and we will have to throw it.

To store the Poha in Pantry, make sure to place it in a dark and cool place and not for too long in a stable temperature. It will get bad very easily if not stored in such a condition and cannot be used further to make different dishes.

In refrigerator

Poha can also be stored in the refrigerator. If we want to use it after some time and want to have a good flavor of Poha, we can store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it later. It will not last that long much but will have a long life than the Pantry.

To store the Poha in the refrigerator, make sure to use an airtight container. It will get dry in the refrigerator if stored for too long. If it gets dry and you checked its spoilage and is all okay, you can use it further by reheating. If spoiled, then throw it away and don’t use it further.

Away from sunlight

Poha is needed to be stored away from sunlight and any heat source. The Poha will go dry if stored near any heat source or sunlight. It is needed to be stored in a cool and dark place to make it last longer. Otherwise, it will go bad, and we will have to discard it.

Can you freeze Poha?

Suppose you have a big amount of Poha and want to make it safe and use it after a long time. You can store it using the freezer. We can store it in the freezer for longer than the refrigerator and Pantry. But after a long time, its flavor and quality may not be the same as that of the fresh Poha.

To store the Poha in the freezer, first spread it on a baking tray and place it in the freezer for some time; when the Poha gets cooled, transfer it to an airtight container any airtight freezer bag. It will remain safe for longer and can be enjoyed later as different dishes.

How long does Poha Last

The lifetime of the Poha depends upon the ways and the techniques that we used and the conditions in which we stored it. Many ways can make Poha last long, and many can make it spoiled quickly. Let’s discuss in the article below that how long we can make Poha last.

If stored in the Pantry properly and properly condition at a stable temperature, it can last long for two hours or a bit more. If you want to use it fresh and with good taste, you have to use it within two hours or get spoiled.

If stored in the refrigerator, it will last long to a week or some more days if stored in an airtight container. In the last, if we use the freezer, it will make the Poha last from one month to three months, depending upon the conditions that we used while storing.

How to tell if Poha is bad?

There are several ways which can tell us about the spoilage of many foods. But Poha can be spotted for its spoilage using some of those methods. Let’s discuss the spots of Poha spoilage. To tell if Poha is spoiled, observe its smell. If it has an unpleasant and an off smell, discard and don’t use it further. Another way to tell if it is spoiled is to taste a small amount of it. If it tastes is changed then that of the common taste of Poha then throw it and don’t use it again.