Does Pitomba Go Bad

Does Pitomba Go Bad?

Pitomba is known as a native tree which usually grown in America and the countries near it. You may not find this tree and the fruit that grows on this tree in every part of the world. The item obtained from the tree is also known as pitomba. It is a fruit of an evergreen shrub. It is round, and the color of the skin is orange. The flesh inside is grey.

Like the apples and the strawberries, pitomba will also go bad after some time. The shelf life of pitomba is not too long. It is limited, and after that time, pitomba will go bad. Storage, shelf life and going bad of pitomba is explained briefly in this article.

How to Store Pitomba?

Storage is the main key to keep the fruit or any other food item fresh. The better you will store the food item, the longer it will last and stay fresh. And if you failed to store pitomba, then it will go bad very quickly.

There are a lot of ways to store pitomba. If you have already brought too many pitombas from the market and worry about their storage, don’t worry. This article explains some easy and simple storage guidelines.

Keep in a cool and dark place

Pitomba is not good at high temperatures. The quality and the texture of pitomba can also go bad if you store it at a high temperature. Therefore, if your surroundings’ temperature is lower, you should store pitomba at room temperature. It can stay fresh for almost a week in a cool and dark place. You can store the pitomba in the pantry or the cupboard of your kitchen.

Keep it away from heat sources

Heat is not good for food items. Some of the fruits and vegetables lose their quality and texture very quickly. Therefore, you should keep the pitomba away from the heat sources. Otherwise, it will go back very quickly. Place the pitomba away from the oven, stove, and back of the refrigerator.

Store in the refrigerator

If you want your pitombas to stay fresh, then you can store them in the refrigerator. There is no other thing than a refrigerator that helps you a lot in keeping the food items fresh. If you have some pitombas and it is sitting in your pantry for many days, it would be best for you place them in the vegetable drawer of refrigerator so that they cannot go bad.

The refrigerator can also extend the shelf life of pitombas if you store them properly. Transfer the pitomba to an airtight container before storing it in the refrigerator.

Store in the freezer

To see your pitombas fresh for a long time, you should choose freezer for its storage. It will last for a number months in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Pitomba?

Freezing any fruit is not a big deal. To retain fruit’s quality, you should store it in the freezer. It is because the freezer provides a cold environment that is suitable for storing the item for a long time.

Before storing pitomba, make sure that you have transferred it to an air tight container or freezer bags. You can store pitomba for many months in the freezer. So, if you have bought too many pitombas and are worried about the shelf life and storage of pitomba, it will be best for you to store them in the freezer.

How Long Does Pitomba Last?

Pitomba is not a fruit that can last for many years. Everything comes for some time, and after that, it goes. Similarly, pitomba also goes bad after completing its life span. Normally, pitomba can last for six to ten days at normal temperature. But the temperature should not be too high. At high temperatures, pitomba will not be able to retain its quality and freshness. If you store the pitomba in the refrigerator, then it will stay fresh for a couple of weeks. And if you store pitomba in the freezer for a long time, then it will last for four months.

How to Tell If Pitomba Is Bad?

It is very necessary to check every fruit or vegetable before eating it. It is because sometimes, the fruit goes bad, and you are unable to differentiate. There are a lot of signs of spoilage that appear when pitomba goes bad. If you are finding difficulty in differentiating between a fresh and spoiled pitomba, you should check for some signs of spoilage.

  • Check the smell of the fruit. If it smells off, then you should not use it.
  • Notice the surface of the pitomba to see any kinds of molds. If you find any mold, it would be a good option for you to throw them away immediately.
  • Check the taste of the fruit as well. If the taste is bad, then it indicates that the product is spoiled. Discard it immediately.