Does Pitaya Go Bad

Does Pitaya Go Bad?

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When we talk about colorful fruits, then we must mention pitaya as well. Pitaya is a fruit with beautiful colors, and it is also known as dragon fruit. It is famous in America and Mexico. It is one of the tastiest fruits, and it can even grow into a beautiful flower. If you have pitaya sitting in your pantry or a refrigerator many times, then you may be wondering, does it do bad?

Like other fruits and vegetables, the shelf life of pitaya fruit is also limited. It can go bad very quickly if you do not take good care of it. If you are not familiar with the pitaya fruit, then don’t worry. You are at the right place to gain some knowledge about it. This article briefly tells the shelf life, storage, and spoilage of pitaya fruit.

How to Store Pitaya?

Whenever you buy a food product, you check its quality or expiration date if it comes in a package. Why is it so? It is because you are worried about its spoilage. You must know the shelf life of the food before buying it so that you can store it to keep it fresh for a long time. Like other fruits, you also need to store pitaya in good conditions so that you can enjoy its delicious taste before its spoilage.

Store in a cool and dark place

You can store pitaya at room temperature if it is not too hot. If the temperature of your surroundings too high, then it is risky to store pitaya at that temperature. So, if you have bought a small number of pitayas, you can easily store them in a cool and dark place.

Pitaya can stay fresh for three to four days at room temperature. So, make sure that you use the pitaya within three days after storing it at room temperature. The pantry or the cupboard of your kitchen is the best place to store pitaya.

Store in the fridge

The fridge is a very important home appliance that can help you in many ways. The main purpose of a refrigerator is to store the food items as long as possible. And the best place for storing the ripen fruits is the refrigerator.

If your pitaya is fully ripened, make sure that you store it in the refrigerator before it goes bad. The refrigerator will increase the shelf life of pitaya, and it will last for a long time retaining its peak quality.

Store in the freezer

You can use the freezer for long-term storage of pitaya. If you have bought many pitayas and are confused about their storage, store some amount in the freezer. The freezer will retain its quality and texture for many months.

Can You Freeze Pitaya?

Freezing fruit is not rare. You can freeze the fruit to extend its shelf life. So, it can also freeze pitaya to extend its shelf life. There will be no effect on the pitaya due to freezing. Make sure that you don’t store the pitaya as a whole in the freezer. It will affect the quality and texture of the pitaya.

It is better to cut the pitaya into pieces first then transfer it to the freezer bags. Chuck the bag in the freezer for long-term storage.

How Long Does Pitaya Last?

Now let’s talk about the shelf life of pitaya. Pitaya has a limited shelf life. After some time, it will not go good immediately if you will not take good care of it. Normally a fresh pitaya can last for three weeks if the temperature around your surrounding is not too hot. But if the temperature around your surrounding is high, store it in the fridge. Pitaya can last for a couple of months in the freezer.

If you have stored the pitaya for long-term storage in the freezer, then don’t worry. It will stay for a long time in the freezer. Pitaya will last for four to six months in the freezer. And if you have stored pitaya at room temperature in warm weather, use it within a couple of days as it can last for a few days at room temperature.

How to Tell If Pitaya Is Bad?

Whenever you check fruit to tell whether it is bad or not, you check its taste, color, and smell. The change in the taste, color, and smell of the fruit is the main sign of spoilage. If you know these signs of spoilage, you can easily differentiate between a fresh and a soiled pitaya. If you are unable to differentiate, then you should follow some instructions as given below:

  • Check the taste of the pitaya. If the taste of the pitaya is bad, then it means that it has gone bad. It will be best for you to get rid of it at once.
  • Bad smell is the main sign of spoilage. If pitaya smells bad, then you should also discard it at once.
  • Normally, pitaya is in pink color. If the color of pitaya changes or it gets faded, then it means that it has gone bad.