Does Pewa Go Bad

Does Pewa Go Bad?

Pewa is an edible fruit of a South American peach palm tree. Pewa has red or orange skin. They are highly nutritious. Pewa fruit provides much of dietary fibers. Pewa pulp is light yellow to orange in color and is sweet, dry, and mealy. Pewa has a single seed inside. It holds several health benefits.

Pewa can help you boost your energy, optimize your digestive system, promotes weight loss, encourages the immune system, improve your skin health, and aids in the growth and development of the body. You never want such health-promoting fruit to go bad, but sadly, pewa does go bad as well. There are some ways to store pewa for a longer period.

How to store pewa?

Storing fruits properly should never be ignored. Pewa is a small delicate fruit that demands good care for its better shelf life. Pewa doesn’t have a long shelf life. Depending on how you store it, you can preserve pewa fruit for an extended period. Following are some proper methods elaborated which can help you increase the shelf life of this fruit.

Away from high temperature

A hot environment is always a threat to delicate small fruits like pewa fruit. An increase in temperature where you store your fruit will result in the early decay of your fruit. You should keep pewa fruit in cool areas but not more than a week.

The shelf life of pewa fruit can be increased if stored under favorable conditions. You should keep pewa fruit away from sources of heat such as an oven. Avoid placing pewa fruit somewhere exposing too much sunlight and moisture.

Covert it into powder

Here is another idea to store pewa fruit for an extended period. Pewa fruit is also used in baking, but before that, it is converted into powder form. To convert pewa fruit into a powder, you have to cook it and then set them to dry. Once they are dried, you can convert them into powder easily. later, the powder is used for baking purposes.

In refrigerator

Yes, it is a great idea to store pewa fruit in the refrigerator. You can store pewa fruit in the crisper drawer of your fridge. Placing pewa fruit in the fridge grants the fruit better shelf life and helps it to retain its quality. It is better of all to store pewa in your refrigerator. Refrigerator plays a significant role in boosting the shelf life of fruits, reducing the rate of ripening.

Can we freeze pewa?

Yes, if you are planning long-term storage, you can go for freezing pewa fruit. However, freezing does provide extra shelf life to pewa fruit, but it may cause damage to its pulp inside. It is better to face a bit of texture damage of some of your pewa fruit rather than throwing the whole box of pewa fruit in the trash.

Freezing is only the option you are left with if you have to take care of plenty of pewa fruits, which you cannot consume all. By freezing pewa fruit, you can increase the shelf life to some months. Please put them in the freezer and don’t forget about them; otherwise, they will still end up in your trash can.

How long does pewa last?

Well, we cannot tell you the exact time when your pewa fruit is going to rot. All we know is pewa fruit doesn’t offer long shelf life. Pewa fruit has a shelf life of three to seven days.

The precise storage method is important to enhance the shelf life of pewa fruit. Better storage conditions result in prolonged shelf life, while on the other hand, if you show laziness regarding its proper storage, then your pewa fruit may not last for long.

In the refrigerator, pewa fruit lasts for a week or more because it has a pretty cool temperature inside. If you decide to freeze pewa fruit, it can sit well for some months.  You should keep pewa fruit away from excessive heat and moisture as they boost early spoilage and lead to food-borne illness.  Much moisture is a good home for bacteria, so make sure to keep pewa fruit away from much moisture. Provide the necessary favorable storage conditions to your fruit so that it can last for long.

How to tell if pewa is bad?

Looking for the signs which indicate the spoilage of pewa fruit? Here we have listed some signs which can help you figure out whether your pewa fruit is safe to consume or not.

  • Fungal or bacterial growth. Fungal and bacterial growth is a huge indication of spoilage. It would help if you never dared to eat a fruit showing any such symptoms.
  • Too much squishy. If pewa fruit has to turn extra squishy, you shouldn’t eat it.
  • Look for the appearance and taste. If you feel anything off about the appearance or taste, you should throw the pewa fruit out. Pewa fruit with any of such signs can lead to food-borne illness.