Does Pesto Go Bad?

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It is a type of sauce originally from Italy composed mainly of basil, ground pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan or sheep cheese, and olive oil. The word “Pesto” comes from the original word for the region of origin of this sauce, which means “mash” because this is the way it is prepared.

Suppose you are interested in getting pesto sauce to innovate in the dishes you prepare in your kitchen. In that case, you should also know about how you should store it and how long it lasts in good condition, why it is a delicious product but not eternal. Read on to learn everything you need to know about it.

How to store Pesto

Contrary to what you might imagine, the pesto sauce is not limited only to pasta used. It also can be a dressing or the company of different dishes such as pizzas and salads because its flavor is capable of mixing very well with multiple items.

The only way to enjoy the glorious flavor of pesto sauce is when it is in good condition, and for this, you must know how to store it properly. To fulfill this purpose, you must try to be careful with the conservation methods.

Before delving into the subject, it should be noted that there are two versions of this sauce available, and each one has its storage methods. These are the one that is sold refrigerated or and the one that is not. You must pay attention to these details so that you know how to keep your pesto sauce for as long as possible. Everything you need to do to store each version can be summarized as follows:

Room temperature

If you get your pesto sauce at room temperature, the safest thing will be to keep it that way when you take it home.

We recommend putting your pesto sauce in a place that meets certain characteristics, such as being dark and cool and dry. In general, the pantry usually meets all these parameters well, so this will be your best option to the time to put it away.

Once you have opened the Where Does Pesto Sauce Comes Container, it will lose its ability to stay at room temperature, and it will become necessary to keep it refrigerated. Remember me to keep it tightly closed in its container to prevent it from drying out from the cold or being contaminated in any way.


In the case of the pesto sauce that you buy when refrigerated, there is not much to say, and you have to put it in your refrigerator as soon as you take me home so that it can be preserved.

If the container in which it comes does not allow you to keep it sealed, you should pour it into an airtight container to ensure that it is kept safe from any contaminating agent.

Can You Freeze Pesto Pesto?

Something that always happens to all of us is that after buying some food, we end up with more than we can consume or also that we buy something to use in recipes that we rarely cook; maybe this is your situation with pesto sauce, but don’t worry, there is a solution, you can freeze it for long-term consumption.

Before freezing the pesto sauce, you should know that depending on the ingredients of the recipe with which your sauce was added, when it thaws, its texture will be altered, so the most prudent thing you can do is to freeze a small portion first to decide if the result you will get is acceptable to you before deciding if you want to freeze everything.

The process of freezing the pesto sauce is very simple. All you have to do is place it in an airtight container, and it will be ready for sub-zero temperatures. However, as it is a sauce, we recommend that you use small containers or even a tray to make ice cubes, so you have the ease of choosing how much to use when you need it.

How Long Does Pesto Last

First, it is necessary to remember that it is a product with very sensitive ingredients such as fresh basil and cheese, due to this reason is that the pesto sauce does not have a very long duration and it is also the reason why you we recommend as soon as possible.

As we mentioned before, a factor that significantly affects the Pesto sauce duration is the version you find in the store since one has characteristics that the other does not.

In both cases, the pesto sauce containers have labels that indicate the deadline for its quality. The pesto sauce sold at room temperature has preservatives; therefore, this version can last between a month and two after the term of the label has passed. In the case of the pesto sauce sold in the refrigerator, it only lasts a week after this deadline.

The periods mentioned above correspond to the scenario in which your container remains closed. When you open the container, the duration for both refrigerated and room temperature pesto sauce is reduced to one week. If you freeze the pesto sauce, it will remain fresh for a month; after that time, it will begin to lose its flavor quality, but it will remain safe to consume.

How to Tell If Pesto Is Bad

Due to the short duration of the pesto sauce, once you open the container it comes in, it will not take long to spoil, so you should always look for signs that indicate that if there is a problem before consuming it, this way you can avoid getting intoxicated by eating spoiled food.

Signs to watch for when checking your pesto sauce for spoiled are the presence of any organic growth such as mold, a discoloration from its typical green to a brownish hue, and the presence of a rotten odor.

If your pesto sauce has any of the characteristics mentioned earlier, you should proceed to discard it. If you do not find anything and everything seems to be fine, you can safely use it in your dishes.


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