Does Pequi Go Bad

Does Pequi Go Bad?

The botanical name of Pequi is Caryocar Brasiliense. It is also known as souari nut and thorned almond. It is famous in areas of Brazil. It is an edible fruit, and initially, they are olive green in color, and the fully grown are buggy green in color.

Pequi can be eaten raw alone or can be used in cooking. People usually eat pequi with rice and chicken. Pequi tastes strong and has a cheesy flavor. Pequi is loaded with thorns from inside, and that’s why it is difficult to eat, and it can cause irritation to your gums and mouth, so be careful.

How To Store Pequi

Pequi is a Brazilian fruit. Although it is a summer fruit, you can eat it in other parts of the year too. To enjoy the fruit throughout the year, you need to be well aware of storage techniques. Once you have bought ample fruit and consumed a little as per your need, the next thing you are concerned about is how to store the leftover. Here we will discuss storing your fruit, providing you with all the important key points about storage technique.

In Freezer

The fully grown fruit can be stored in a freezer to last longer and be available throughout the year. Freezing is quite an effective method to ensure that pequi doesn’t rot. The fruits are peeled off, and the inner part or pulp is stored in the polyethylene bags and then placed in a freezer for long-term use.

So next time, if you consume the fruit and don’t know what to do with the leftover pieces, don’t throw them away. Store them in the freezer as mentioned above.

This way, pequi can be stored for about six months without any potential damage, so next time you want to consume it, place it out of the bags, bring it to room temperature, and you can consume it easily in your cooking.

Keep Away From Moisture

You can’t store the fruit on your counter or in your pantry as the fruit rots easily due to moisture. This is not suitable for long-term fruit storage, and we don’t recommend you any such method.

At Room Temperature

At room temperature, Pequi fruit cannot survive for long. Fresh and naturally matured pequi can last for three days without freezing and still have better quality.

Can You Freeze Pequi

The answer to this is YES! Freezing is the most effective way of storing Pequi fruit. If you have bought a large quantity of fruit and you are confused about what to do, as you can’t consume it all in one day so don’t get worried. You can freeze it and use it later as per your need. It is the only possible way to store Pequi for a long period, as mentioned above. Freezing helps to store it and keeps the quality and taste of fruit better for a longer period.

How Long Does Pequi Last

Well, this depends on your method of storage. If you have stored Pequi in the way mentioned in this article, then your fruit can last up to six months without compromising its taste and quality. Although the expected shelf life of Pequi increase on freezing for about six months. In open-air, it may not last more than three days, and after that, it starts to rot.

As soon as the fruit develops fully, it falls off the tree and is then collected. In case it is not picked up from the ground, the fruit starts to rot quickly. In general shelf life of the pique depends on your storage technique; the fruit on its own cannot last long. Remember always freeze fully ripen fruits; otherwise, storing underdeveloped fruits is not suitable as you will not be able to consume them, and the fruit quality won’t be good.

How To Tell If Pequi Is Bad

Well, this is the easiest thing to do. There is a certain indication, or you would observe some changes in your fruit. If you observe any of the below-mentioned signs, don’t consume the fruit because it is no longer fresh. Always consume the fruit before they get expired.

  • Appearance: The fruit may change physically like become soft than usual. You will also notice that the doesn’t appear fresh anymore.
  • Smell: It will start to smell bad. A foul and unpleasant smell will emanate from it. Further, its taste will also deteriorate.
  • Mold growth: Once it starts to turn bad, mold will also grow on it. You will observe white or dark patches.

Thus if you observe any of these mentioned sign, definitely your fruit has turned bad and is no longer safe for you to consume it. It is time to get new fresh Pequi fruit.