Does Peanut Oil Go Bad?

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It is another by-product of peanuts obtained after a certain cooking time and after processing it with a hydraulic press. Peanut oil is an option that, at the moment, is not as popular as olive oil, but that has been changing over time because its excellent aroma makes it perfect for cooking different dishes.

If you are interested in buying a bottle of peanut oil but you do not know how to store it properly to avoid spoiling or if, on the other hand, you have a bottle of peanut oil that has not been used for some time and you do not know how long it will last then you have come to the right place. Here we will teach you everything you need to learn about this subject.

How to store Peanut Oil

Apart from its great flavor, another of the peanut oil strengths is its evaporation point, which turns out to be particularly high between 215 ° and 220 ° C. This characteristic makes this oil an ideal option for sautéing and sealing. To enjoy the benefits of peanut oil, it must be in optimal conditions. Therefore, you should know how to preserve peanut oil so that it lasts as long as possible while it is stored to find it in good condition when you want to use it to prepare a dish.

Peanut oil storage is not a complicated task that you should strive for. Everything you must do to fulfill this task properly can be summarized in a list with the following rules:

Find a good place.

Once you buy your peanut oil, the first thing you should do is find a suitable place to store it; this place should be cool, dark, and dry; In general, the pantry meets perfectly with all these standards. You should not have problems using it.

Keep them sealed

Once you have opened your bottle of peanut oil and are not using it, you should keep it sealed to not go rancid due to contact with oxygen and does not become affected by pollutants.

Don’t mix them

When you have used the oil for cooking, you can store it for reuse. To store it, you must first wait for it to cool to strain the liquid so that food particles do not contaminate it. Once this is done, you must pour the oil into a container that you can seal; this can be made of plastic or made of glass. You mustn’t mix old oils with new ones so that you do not alter their quality.

Peanut oil refrigeration is not necessary to preserve it properly, but it is still an option that you can use, and it is the most recommended if you do not plan to use it in the short term and want its quality to be preserved for longer.

Can You Freeze Peanut Oil?

You may have bought more peanut oil than you can consume or need at the moment, so you may wonder if freezing it to preserve it in the long term, technically it is possible to do it, but it is not the most recommended option.

Freezing peanut oil is not the most optimal way to store it because this process can alter its flavor quality, but doing so will extend its shelf life. If you want to freeze your peanut oil, you have to pour it into an airtight container so you can do it without problems.

How Long Does Peanut Oil Last

Peanut oil has a relatively long shelf life, so you should not worry if it has been stored for a couple of weeks. It will still be perfectly consumable. Peanut oil usually carries a label with the expiration date of its best quality standard, but this does not mean that it will go bad after that, only that its flavor will deteriorate over time.

There is no universal time limit for exactly how long peanut oil lasts. Peanut oil’s shelf life depends on the quality of the process with which it was produced and whether you use the proper methods to store it.

A general estimated period would be what the label says, plus one year when the peanut oil container is closed and six months when you have opened. In the case of reused oil, this can last between a week and two. It depends on the number of times you use it.

How to Tell If Peanut Oil Is Bad

Vegetable oils such as peanut oil do not spoil, but they do suffer a deterioration in the quality of their flavor as time passes, and in many cases, the only way to realize that it is in this state is by using it.

In general, mold does not grow in vegetable oil, so that peanut oil won’t face this situation, but what does happen with all oils that, when in contact with the air for a long time, even if you store it well, ends for getting stale.

When peanut oil becomes rancid, it is still safe to consume, but it is impossible to enjoy its flavor, so it is recommended that you discard it.


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