Does Orangelo Go Bad

Does Orangelo Go Bad?

Orangelo is a cross-breed fruit between grapefruit and orange. The origin of Orangelo can be traced back to Puerto Rico. The flowering and the fruit harvest remain throughout the year; however, the main seasons for flowering are spring and the early summer.

Orangelo is about the size of the grapefruit and is round to pear in shape. Orangelo is easy to peel, and the inner segments are up to 9 – 10 in numbers. You can feel the taste of both the orange and grapefruit on eating orangelo. Due to its juicy content, the fruit has a lower shelf life and needs proper storage to last long.

How To Store Orangelo

Orangelo is used for many purposes, like making jellies, jams, fruit bars, candies, etc. Orangelo needs to be stored properly to use at home. Here are some storage techniques you can follow to store your fruit.

Keep at Room Temperature

Orangelo has a normal shelf life at room temperature, and it solely depends if you have stored the fruit correctly. To store the fruit at room temperature, make sure to place it in some dry, dark corner of the room where there is some airflow. Contain the fruit in an open plastic bucket so that the fruit does not get rotten.

Store the fruit unpeeled at room temperature. If orangelo is left sliced, then the rotting process fastens up. If you extract the fruit’s juice, it won’t last long at room temperature, even if you contain it in an airtight container. You can place your fruit in a mesh bag and can check if the fruit is going bad.

Keep in Refrigerator

At home, it is preferred to store the fruit in the refrigerator. The cold and dry environment of the refrigerator slows down the rotting process. You can contain your fruit in a plastic bucket or place it in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. If sliced orangelo is stored in the refrigerator, then it is suggested that you consume it as soon as possible, or the fruit will eventually dry out.

Do not contain the sliced orangelo in an airtight container, or the natural moisture buildup will cause it to catch mold. The extracted juice from the fruit can be contained in the refrigerator.


To make the fruit last longer for a couple of months, it is usually frozen. You can do it by putting the whole fruit in the refrigerator or by peeling and freezing the fruit. You can also freeze the juice of the fruit.

Can You Freeze Orangelo

Yes, Orangelo fruit can be frozen and is done to be used for a longer period. There are different ways to store the Orangelo fruit. You can either freeze it unpeeled, or you can peel it put and freeze each segment.

To freeze the peeled version of the fruit, all you need to do is place the slices of the fruit on a tray and then freeze the slices by putting them in the freezer. Once frozen, you can shift the slices into sealable plastic bags and place them into the freezer.

How Long Does Orangelo Last

Orangelo storage life depends on the condition in which the fruit is being kept. Orangelo on room temperature in hotter regions begin to rot within a week. However, the story is different for cold regions. On the kitchen shelf, your fruit may last for about two weeks in cold temperatures. Keeping the fruit in the cold, dry corner can increase the life of the fruit for some days.

Orangelo is preferred to be stored in the refrigerator. The refrigerators provide a cold environment which increases the life of the fruit for about two weeks. If you keep the fruit sliced from in the refrigerator, it will eventually expire in about five days.

Freezing the orangelo can increase its life span for about 3 – 4 months. It does not matter a lot if you store the fruit sliced or unsliced. You can either freeze the fruit or freeze jams or juices made out of it.

How To Tell If Orangelo Is Bad

Orangelo, like any other fruit, can go bad. You can easily identify and separate a bad orangelo from a good one by looking for visual and smell signs.

  • Appearance: Orangelo fruit will have obvious signs on its peel if it has gone bad. You will see dark spots on the peel, and on touching them, you will feel a soft touch. A good orangelo has a firm touch. This indicates that the fruit has gone bad.
  • Smell: The next obvious sign is the rotten smell of the fruit. The fruit will grow a strong rotten smell over time.
  • Taste: An orangelo gone bad will have a bad foul taste. If the upper signs are obvious, then it is suggested not to taste the fruit instead throw it.