Does Orange Sauce Go Bad?

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Orange sauce, also known as duck sauce, is used as a dip and deep-fried dish. The sauce has a sweet and sour flavor with a thin jelly-like look. Plums, apricots, pineapple, peaches are added with sugar, vinegar, ginger, and chili powder are the basic ingredients of the sauce.

The sauce originates back to china and has been served for a few 100 years. The sauce was introduced and became popular in America when people from China immigrated to America, introducing them to the famous sauce. Following are some methods to store your sauce correctly.

How To Store Orange Sauce

The orange sauce has a longer shelf life and can survive for several months if stored properly. The orange sauce comes in a bottle prepared on a commercial level. However, it is not too hard to make Orange sauce at home and is mostly done in rural areas. Here are some techniques to follow the Orange sauce.

Room Temperature

Orange sauce at room temperature does not last for a long time. The nature of the ingredients makes it an easy subject for mold development. However, if you have daily usage of the sauce, you may use the whole sauce before it gets spoiled.

To increase the shelf life of the sauce, you should store it in an air-tight container. Once you have opened the bottle, then make sure to reseal the container of the bottle tightly, or the interaction with the air will easily spoil the sauce. Make sure to place the sauce out of reach from heat. Keep it in the dark, dry, and cool corner of the kitchen.

Refrigerate It

The most appropriate method to store the sauce is to place it in your refrigerator. Even if you are using it regularly still, it is suggested to keep it in the refrigerator. Storing it in the refrigerator saves the sauce from capturing mold and dramatically increases the life span of the sauce.

Still, to store in the refrigerator, you have to contain the sauce in air-tight container to avoid minimum interaction with the air. Despite having a storage life of years, it will gradually change its color and flavor, but it is often used before expiring.

Freeze It

The orange sauce is easily available at your local market, and due to its long life, it is not preferred to freeze it. The orange sauce can be frozen when they need to be shipped far away or is made at home.

Can You Freeze Orange Sauce

Yes, you can freeze the orange sauce. Freezing orange sauce makes it rock solid, just like ice or any other liquid frozen. You can freeze it in the form of ice cubes, so the thawing process becomes easy. However, you can also freeze it in a container.

Freezing can extend the life of the orange sauce for years to come without any significant effect on the sauce’s flavor. Freezing the orange sauce practice is done by people who make the sauce at home. They make it in large quantities to use it for a longer period, so freezing is the best option.

How Long Does Orange Sauce Last

The orange sauce has a longer shelf life stored in the refrigerator or freeze. At room temperature, because of its ingredients, the orange sauce can easily be subject to mold. It will last for about two weeks at room temperature; however, if used in a cold region, it may last for about a month.

Mostly orange sauce is kept in the refrigerator, and if the right containment conditions are followed, then the orange sauce can last for about two years. The cold environment of the refrigerator prevents the sauce from catching mold or getting spoiled.

Freezing the orange sauce can extend its life for up to three years. You can freeze your sauce in an air-tight container. Freezing the sauce is not the most common practice.

How To Tell If Orange Sauce Is Bad

The orange sauce has a long shelf life stored properly in a cold environment; however, nothing is forever. Orange sauce also gets expired, and here are some signs to know if your sauce is no longer edible.

  • Appearance: The very first effect you will see is the change of color of the sauce. It may be due to cross-contamination of the sauce. The sauce is usually a thin jelly-type liquid, but a spoiled orange sauce may show the signs of clot-like elements in it.
  • Smell: An orange sauce will have an off odor. You can easily smell a bitter, acidic smell of rotten fruits and vinegar. If you feel such a smell, then throw out the sauce as it is no longer edible.
  • Taste: An expired orange sauce will have a bitter taste due to vinegar. You can easily differentiate between a good and a bad sauce by tasting it.