Does Orache Go Bad

Does Orache Go Bad?

Orache belongs to Atriplex genus. Orache is a known as Red orache, Garden orache, Mountain spinach or French spinach. It was common before spinach and can be used as a substitute of spinach.

Orache is a type of leafy vegetable. It’s green in  color with dark purple tint. This Mountain spinach was very common due to its numerous health benefits as it contains vitamin k, vitamin C, iron , calcium,  magnesium,  phosphorus,  protein, zinc, selenium and dietary fibres. So, medically it boosts your immune system, improves your metabolism, it is a kind of natural laxative and improves digestion and reduces constipation.

How To Store Orache

Orache is loaded with almost all types of nutrients required for human body, for this reason people consume it more. Orache has a saltier taste than other most green vegetables. Orache can be eaten raw, or it can be boiled and used in a salad and can be added in many other dishes.

When you are buying Orache make sure to buy the fresh ones which can be eaten raw and the grown ones can be used as a substitute  for spinach. Orache has a very familiar taste to chard. In some places, you can also find out that orache is also known as Saltbush because it grows in a saline environment and the minerals from the soil are present in it which gives it a saltier taste.

Now coming to the storage , as good storage of any vegetable increases their life span. The storage methods help in increasing the shelf-life of any kind of vegetable. So here are some storage techniques you should keep in mind while storing the Orache.

Wash only if Needed

Always wash the orache when you are ready to cook it but when you want to store orache don’t wash it otherwise, if you wash with excess water moisture will cause the orache to rot. Moisture is not good!

In a Refrigerator

When you purchase the fresh and raw orache, keep it in the refrigerator to maximize its shelf-life. Store the raw vegetable in a plastic bag, it will last up to 5-6 days in a Refrigerator.

Keep in Plastic Bag and Paper Towel

You can also use a paper towel for storing it. The paper towel will absorb the moisture and the leafy vegetable will stay fresh. Don’t keep your leafy vegetables near ripened fruit as mature fruits give off ethylene and it will spoil the surrounding vegetable and your vegetable will rot in a short period of time.

Can You Freeze Orache

Yes you can freeze Orache as it will last longer in a freezer for about 6-7 months .

First boil the spinach then remove the excess moisture from it and then store it in a freezer bag and squeeze the bag so the excess air will be removed. It will be safely stored in a freezer bag and it will last longer.

You can also store the boiled spinach into a  form of balls in a freezing bag. All you need is just take a handful of boiled orache, squeeze it so the excess water will be removed and then put it in a freezing bag.

How Long Does Orache Last

It totally depends on how well you store it. If you use the storage techniques discussed above then the boiled orache in the freezer will  last for about 6-7 months. While, the raw and fresh orache will last for 5-6 days in a Refrigerator. To maintain freshness store this raw leafy vegetable in a plastic bag, avoid those containers in which moisture content is present.

We highly recommend you to buy fresh vegetables, as they taste more good. Fresh Orache is green in color with a little tint of dark purple in it. Using the paper towel and plastic bags is very necessary, if you want that your orache don’t get spoil so always use plastic bags to keep the vegetables fresh. Before freezing Orache remember to boil it , remove the excess water and then store it in a plastic bag. Thus, in  this way it will last longer.

How To Tell If Orache Is Bad

Although there is no instrument to tell whether it has turned bad, but your senses are most effective tool to rely on. So if you observe any of the below mentioned signs don’t consume orache because it is no longer good for your health. There are of course many risk factors associated with rotten food. So always practice food safety and consume your food before it gets expired!

  • Color: Darkened color is the first thing you notice when you buy orache. The color will not be bright green, it will turn into dark brown color and becomes soggy.
  • Smell: The most important of all is smell, as you might notice strong smell emanating from it. The smell will be unpleasant.
  • Wetness: As your orache ages it starts to turn darker. When you will touch it you will feel wetness. The leaves will start to die and will lose their freshness.