Does Olive Oil Go Bad?

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Obtained from fruits of the same name that grows in the Mediterranean basin, the olive oil is a liquid very popular among cookers. The olives are pressed to produce this oil that everybody loves. It is usually used in some recipes because it can match its taste or cook some dishes. Anyway, the results always are delicious.

You may have a bottle of this oil stored for some time and do not know if it has gone bad, or you may want to buy one but do not know how to store it properly. If any of these cases apply to your situation, don’t worry because we will teach you everything you need to know.

How to Store Olive Oil

Olive oil is usually used as a dressing to accompany some salads, it can also be spread on bread, and it can be used to fry when you go to cook. On the other hand, inflammation, oxidative stress, and cardiovascular risk caused by aging. The full potential of olive oil can be harnessed when it is in good condition, and this is only possible if you store it properly.

When it comes to olive oil storage, you could say that it is similar to canola oil or obtained from grape seeds. It means that it does not need any complicated procedure so that you can keep it in good condition. All the requirements that to store your olive oil effectively can be listed in the following aspects:

Get a suitable place.

The olive oil needs to remain in an environment that is dark, cool, and dry. These characteristics allow protecting this product in good condition. The pantry usually covers all these needs very well, so you can count on it to cover this task.

Keep it sealed

The reason that olive oil goes rancid is the contact with oxygen and air. To avoid the degradation produced by those factors, you must keep the olive oil bottle sealed so that it preserves its quality for as long as possible.

Keep it away from heat.

Another factor that can cause a certain level of degradation in olive oil is high temperatures and direct sunlight exposure for long periods. If you intend to store your olive oil, it cannot be in environments exposed to these elements.

In case you are wondering, refrigerating olive oil is not necessary. Low temperatures do not extend this product’s life, but it is still a safe way to be stored.

Can You Freeze Olive Oil?

When it comes to preserving food in the long term, freezing things is always an option, and fortunately, this is a method that you can apply for olive oil that will allow you to make use of whenever you need it to prepare any dish that may require it.

To freeze olive oil, you have to put it in your refrigerator. Remember that it is a liquid that is not homogeneous, so one part of the oil can be frozen first than the other. When defrosting, you have to wait for everything to happen naturally without using any instrument to speed up the process, such as a microwave, for example.

How Long Does Olive Oil Last

Regarding the duration of olive oil, you can say that it is one of those ingredients that are very practical due to its long duration. If you have olive oil stored for a couple of weeks, you should not worry that it will spoil; you have always followed all the instructions mentioned above.

Olive oils come with labels that indicate a deadline in which it is recommended that they be consumed, but once this period has elapsed, it is still perfectly usable. One factor that you should consider is that old olive oil will not lose its quality as time goes by, and it will be less profitable than new olive oil.

Concerning exact dates for the closed olive oil duration, the date indicated on the label plus six months is an estimated period of what it can last. Once you have opened the olive oil, it can last from a year to a year and a half, depending on its quality and methods used to store it.

How to Tell If Olive Oil Is Bad

Unfortunately, despite the long life of olive oil, it may reach a point where it will spoil. We recommend that you check to see if it is in good condition if stored for some time.

In general, olive oil, like most oils, will turn rancid over time. It does not mean that it will be toxic to consume, but it will not retain its good flavor, nor will it be advisable to mix it with other foods for the same reason.

To know if your olive oil has spoiled, what you should do is look for signs that indicate it, such as the presence of mold in the area near the lid, changes in the consistency of the liquid, and discoloration. If any of these things happen to your olive oil, you should discard it immediately.



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