Does Neufchatel Cheese Go Bad

Does Neufchatel Cheese Go Bad?

Neufchatel cheese is known to be the oldest French cheese. It is soft. The cheese is mold-ripened. The taste it posses is sharp and salty. The texture is grainy, and its odor and flavor are of mushroom. It is almost like cream cheese with little difference in the percentage of ingredients.

Dairy has a high tendency to go bad. There are no two opinions about it. So Neufchatel cheeses also go bad. Suppose you want to keep it fresh and tasty for the long store it properly. Proper storage methods will save you money and cheese both.

How to store Neufchatel cheese?

Well, there are numerous ways to store your Neufchatel cheese. It will save it from going unpleasant. But you need to be very careful. It is not easy to deal with dairy items.

The product comes with the best by date on the label. But that does not mean it will expire on the exact date. If you store it well, it can last you a few days more. But if not stored well, it can expire before.

Keep at room temperature

Well, it is not recommended to store it at room temperature. But if you want to consume it on the same day, you can keep it at room temperature. Please do not keep it on the kitchen counter near the stove. It will take no time to go bad because of the warm temperature available.

Store in refrigerator

It is highly suggested to store your Neufchatel cheese in the refrigerator. It is the perfect place to store. Neufchatel cheese requires a cold temperature of around 40 degrees. It will not spoil at this temperature. You can consume it in few days. You don’t need to worry.

Keep away from sunlight

Your Neufchatel cheese will go bad within no time. If the cheese is exposed to sunlight, it will lead to spoilage. All the heat source be it any is not good for the cheese shelf-life. There are some rays that, if exposed to dairy items it make it unpleasant.

Use air-tight container

The Neufchatel cheese comes in a box with tight foil and a lid. That keeps it safe from the outside environment. But if you have opened the container, make sure to shift it to the air-tight container. The air-tight container helps in keeping the moisture intact. There are chances of growing bacteria if you re-seal it. Re-sealing does not create an air-tight close-up.

Can you freeze Neufchatel cheese?

Well, under certain circumstances, yes, you can freeze the Neufchatel cheese. If the container is not opened, then you can keep it straight in the freezer. The cardboard box and foil wrapping keep it protected from freezer burn.

But keep in mind that the container shall be tightly closed, or else your cheese will spoil. If the container is open, make sure to shift it to the air-tight jar. Thawing the cheese will be tricky. It would be best if you kept it in the fridge for few hours or overnight before use. The texture will be different, but the nutrients will be the same.

How long does Neufchatel cheese last?

With different storing methods comes with different lasting capability. The lasting of Neufchatel cheese also depends on the quality of the cheese. If it is good when you bought it will add up to the shelf-life of the cheese. If you store it in the refrigerator, it will last up to 5 weeks. And past the printed date, it will last up to 3 to 4 weeks. And the same foil-wrapped will last up to 2 months in the freezer.

Neufchatel cheese, if opened, lasts you 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator after past by date. In the freezer, it will last you 2 to 3 months easily. After this period, do not use it even if it seems ok. But it is always good to consume the Neufchatel cheese before the best date. It is healthier and a lot fresher.

How to tell if Neufchatel cheese is bad?

There are plenty of ways to identify if the Neufchatel cheese is bad. If you find any of the warning signs, do not consume in any case. Spoil dairy comes with serious health issues. Your health should be your priority. Do not ignore any of the signs. Down below are a few of those indicators that will help you to recognize and avoid going sick.

  • The discoloration of the Neufchatel cheese is the first sign your eyes will witness. If it has turned into unusual color, do not consume it. It is risky in all aspects.
  • The formation of mold. When the cheese expires is another sign your cheese has gone bad. You shall throw the whole Neufchatel cheese. Not just where you find molds.
  • The odor will also tell you. If it has got a pungent smell, the cheese is bad. Discard it right away.
  • If you see no apparent signs, then a taste test is a way to find if cheese is bad. If it does not taste normal, it is turned bad.