Does Navette Go Bad

Does Navette Go Bad?

Navette cookies are originated from Marseille, France. Navette is made of orange-flower flavor, and it appears like a boat. Navette has a dry texture. It feels crispy and crumbly when you bite it.

Navette is consumed mostly within France. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Navette consumers in many European countries. The attractive shape and taste of Navette make it a favorite of many customers all across Europe. Cookies have a relatively longer shelf-life as compared to fruits and vegetables. It is quite easy to store your Navette cookies. To store Navette for a long-time, you need to be cautious.

How to store Navette?

Navette has a good shelf life. It lasts for days on your shelf without going bad. This article shall provide you with all the necessary information regarding the storage of Navette. If you wish to store your Navette, you can use the following methods.

In the pantry

Your house pantry is the best place to store your cookies. Along with other dry bakery items, your Navettes will remain safe on your pantry shelf for a long time. Storing your Navette in the pantry is simple yet effective.

Put your Navette in a closed glass jar and put the jar on the pantry. Be careful that the jar is not open. If your jar is opened, the cookies will dry sooner than expected and become unusable. You can put your cookies in a sealed plastic bag and store them in your pantry as well.

Away from Moisture

Always keeps your Navettes away from moisture. Make sure the storage place of your Navettes is moisture-free. Moisture makes your cookies soft, and they lose their natural attributes. ┬áMoisture also causes mold to grow on your Navette surface. It changes the texture, taste, and aroma of your cookies. Make sure you don’t store your Navette in a damp place.

In the Refrigerator

The fridge will keep your cookies fresh for a long time. It keeps your cookies at low temperature, and your Navettes will retain freshness longer. It also protects your Navette from insects like ants, flies, etc.

Put your Navette in a closed container and place it inside your refrigerator. Likewise, you can also put your cookies inside a sealed plastic bag or jar. An unsealed container or plastic bag will dry your Navette. Dry Navettes cannot be consumed and should be discarded.

Can you freeze Navette?

Yes, you can freeze your Navette. Freezing your cookies will enhance their life period. Freezing your Navettes can keep them useable for months. Both baked and unbaked Navettes can be frozen. Put your Navettes inside a plastic storage bag and place them inside your freezer. Always use sealed bags to make sure the Navettes are not exposed to the harsh conditions of the freezer.

Despite extending the life of your Navettes, the freezer has one main disadvantage. Your frozen cookies might become soft or even get separated upon thawing. Your frozen Navettes will also lose their texture, taste, and smell upon thawing.

How long does Navette last?

The life of Navette is different in different storage mediums. You can store your Navette in a medium, based on how soon you will use it. Make sure your Navette is moisture-free for extended life in any medium.

Your Navette can last for 6-7 days on your pantry. Make sure your Navettes are in a sealed bag. Uncovered Navettes will retain freshness for 2-3 days. After this time, they become dry and cannot be used further.

Your fridge extends the life of your Navette. Your Navette lasts fresh for months inside your refrigerator. If placed inside a sealed packing, your Navette can last for one month inside your fridge.

Your freezer offers the long-term storage solution for your Navette. Frozen Navette inside a sealed packing will remain usable for about 2-3 months. Frozen Navette might lose their natural attributes upon thawing.

How to tell if Navette is bad?

Your Navette will go bad if stored for too long. Figuring out spoiled Navette is quite easy. Detecting rotten cookies requires only your basic skills of sight, touch, and smell. If your Navette shows the following signs, it indicates that it has gone bad.

  • Navette is semi-hard when fresh. If you keep your Navette for long, it will eventually become soft due to moisture absorption from the surroundings.
  • Moisture also develops mold on the surface of your Navette. If mold appears on your Navette cookies, do not consume them.
  • If your Navette is kept uncovered, then it will eventually become dry, hard, and rigid. Consuming hard Navette can cause indigestion.
  • Bad or rotten Navette cookies also generate an unusual aroma. The taste of your Navette will also change if the aroma or taste of your Navette seems off to you, do not consume it.