Does Naples Cos Go Bad?

Health-conscious people, especially young ladies, like to eat low-calorie diets. A salad is one of them. We all know what goes into a salad; Greens! There is a variety of greens, including kale, lettuce, cabbage, etc. But have you ever heard about Naples cos? Naples cos is a kind of lettuce. Obvious from the name, it is from Naples. It is known for its subtle and divine taste that everyone enjoys.

Although it is not advised to store Naples cos in bulk, some people buy it in large quantities. The fresher it is, the better it is. In case you have rushed your pantry with Naples cos, no need to worry about it. All the concerns are on us. We will guide you on how you can store your Naples cos. It will prevent it from spoiling and will extend its storage life.

How to store Naples cos?

The best way to enjoy fresh Naples cos every single time is by growing your own. All you will have to do is to harvest the desired quantity and munch. But if you can not produce your own, supermarkets are always there. It is better to buy it when required. This way you will get fresh cos. The cos do have a  short lifetime, so they can not be stored for a long time. If you want to store it for a long time, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

Keeping the heads intact

Most of the time, when you go to buy greens, you get to have two options. Either they are in loose form, or they have their heads intact. Always go for the cos having their heads intact. They last longer than the others. It could be hypothesized that having the head intact makes them less exposed to environmental fluctuations. The moisture is retained in them. Even if some outer leaves wilt off a little, the inners remain fresh and crispy.

Keep your Naples cos dry

Well, to increase the age of your Naples cos, make sure they do not get wet. The wet Naples goes bad too soon, and obviously, you will not want it. Your cos will look less appetizing. You will not eat it, and in the end, it will go to waste.

Place them away from sunlight

To keep the cos dry, some people place their cos under sunlight. It is just a myth. It will remove the moisture from the cos. Thus, your cos will wilt off soon. The sunlight also aids in the formation of molds and bacteria over the cos’ surface. Small black spots will appear over them. Your pantry is a suitable place to store the cos.

If you have slightly wilted cos, here is a tip to regain the crisp. Take ice-chilled water in a bowl and dip your Naples cos in it. After fifteen minutes, your Naples cos will be fresh as new.

Refrigerate your Naples cos

You can extend the storage life of your Naples cos by refrigerating it. The low temperature helps cos retain its moisture and maintain its crispiness. You can keep your cos heads in the crisp section. It is more suitable for them. While you are refrigerating the cos, wrap it in a paper towel that will absorb moisture if present.

Naples cos is quite delicate. It bruises easily. Thus, keep it in a container rather than a plastic bag.  Also, make sure that Naples cos does not touch the back of the freezer. Once it freezes, it will go bad easily. There is no way that it can be recovered.

Can you freeze your Naples cos?

Freezing the cos is quite a silly idea. Once it is frozen, it can certainly not be eaten in a salad. Upon thawing, it becomes way too mushy. It will drain out all of its water. You will not even want to see it. Eventually, it will go to waste.

The only way you can use the frozen cos is by making a smoothie out of it. You can directly add your frozen cos into the blender along with other fruits and give it a blend. Serve and enjoy.

How long does Naples cos last?

Naples cos do not have a long shelf life. It is because of their delicate nature. They can only last a week in your pantry with their heads on. If they are loose, they might last three or four days. If they are kept in the fridge, they can be kept for two weeks. Storing them in the freezer will shorten up its life. You will not be able to use it in your salads.

How to tell if Naples cos is bad?

It does not require rocket science to identify the bad cos. You just need to some basic points that are mentioned below.

  • The bad cos is usually wilted.
  • It has black or brown spots on the surface
  • There will be molding starting from the head.
  • A bad stinky order will be coming off from the Naples cos.