Does Mozzarella Go Bad

Does Mozzarella Go Bad?

Who doesn’t love mozzarella cheese? It is a perfect companion for sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and many more. Its subtle but creamy flavor delights the palate every time you taste it and always leaves you asking for a little more.

You may know how to use mozzarella cheese to make a couple of dishes, but do you know how to store it and prevent it from going bad? Indeed, after a while, and if you are not careful enough, it will spoil. Do not worry, here you will find everything you need to know so that this does not happen to you.

How to store Mozzarella

We will suppose that you just bought your mozzarella cheese, but it is not to use it at the moment but to use it during the week and prepare different things, so you must be cautious and think about storing it properly. Otherwise, it will spoil without you having the chance even to try it.

It’s no secret that mozzarella cheese is a dairy product, and like most dairy products, it needs low temperatures to stay in good condition, so when it comes to storage, this should be your priority, but not your only one.

For mozzarella cheese to be properly preserved, you must follow a series of rules so that it can remain in good condition. If you do not know the rules below, you can learn them:

Keep it wrapped

Mozzarella cheese has the moisture that provides it with the freshness to which you are used to, and the way to preserve it is with a good plastic wrap to help retain this moisture. Unless you want your Mozzarella to become hard and end up losing its freshness, then you must make sure it is well wrapped so that the cold in the refrigerator does not dry out the cheese.

Keep it wet

Depending on the type of mozzarella cheese you buy, it can come in a package with salted water or brine. In this case, the best thing you can do is take the cheese and put it in this liquid. If you lost it, spilled it, or used it up, you can prepare it at home, and it will work perfectly.

Generally, mozzarella cheese does not come in a packaging that allows it to be closed so that it is well sealed to avoid that the elements inside the refrigerator do not cause any effect on it. That is why you must take charge and save the cheese in an airtight container apart from the standards mentioned above.

Can You Freeze Mozzarella?

When it comes to storing things for the long term, we all know that putting them in the freezer usually accomplishes that task, but only with certain items, not all. We must consider the characteristics of the food we plan to freeze to know if it is worth doing.

In most cheeses, it is usually possible to freeze them. Doing this also tends to damage the cheese because they are usually wet, and low temperatures form ice crystals with the water, leaving the texture damaged. Mozzarella cheese is not exempt from this situation, as it is prone to all of the above mentioned happening to it.

How Long Does Mozzarella Last

Mozzarella cheese has a relatively short shelf life. Therefore it is sold in quantities designed so that the buyer can consume it quickly. After all, dairy products are meant to be consumed daily, although there are exceptions.

Once you open your mozzarella cheese packaging, it will remain fresh for three to four days only if you keep it properly refrigerated. It will still be possible to consume it for a couple of days, but it will not have its freshness in flavor when used for cooking unless you melt it and mix it with other ingredients, then it won’t show as much.

In general, even if you keep the mozzarella cheese in its packaging or properly sealed, its freshness will be lost in a week, but it will keep in good condition by at least two weeks. It is the safest to consume it within these periods. In the case of mozzarella stick cheese, it can last in good condition for about 28 days.

It should be noted that the only way for mozzarella cheese to meet the estimated periods that we have just indicated is if you take all the pertinent measures so that it does not spoil before those dates. In this way, you can continue consuming them without problems.

How to Tell If Mozzarella Is Bad

Compared to other types of cheeses, Mozzarella may not be the one that lasts the longest, but it is undoubtedly very delicious. That is why before consuming it, you should check it carefully to see if it has not spoiled. Otherwise, it may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk of poisoning.

When you are checking your mozzarella cheese for any signs that it should no longer be consumed, you should keep an eye out for things like color changes, the presence of bad odors from the cheese, and most distinctively, the presence of mold.

If your piece of mozzarella cheese does not show any indication that it has gone bad and it has not been stored for more than three weeks, it will be perfectly safe to consume it and use it in any dish you want to cook.