Does Morel Go Bad

Does Morel Go Bad?

Morel is a unique mushroom that can only be found in the wilderness. Morel is famous for its use in French cuisines and has great importance in the eyes of mushroom enthusiasts and chefs. Morel is grown in spring between March to June and has a very short shelf life.

This Mushroom is grown in northern parts of Turkey, America, Pakistan, and India. Due to its rarity, the Morel is considered a million-dollar industry. Morel has a unique look, a cap with a hollow interior with holes inwards. Morels have a meaty texture with an earthy, nutty strong flavor.

How to Store Morel

Morel is a rare mushroom and is rarely found in few parts of the world. Morel is imported around the world by many 5-star restaurants. So, from harvesting to transporting the Mushroom, one needs to store the Mushroom properly or be history. Here are some methods you can use to store Morel for longer life.

Keep at Room Temperature

Morel mushroom is very sensitive to heat and does not survive very long at room temperature. Morel, due to its rarity and cost, isn’t preferred to be kept at room temperature. However, it is feasible to keep it at room temperature if you have to use the Mushroom right away or within a day.

Make sure to keep it away from heat and place it in a cool, dry, and dark corner of the room. Moisture can spoil the Mushroom, so it is suggested to wash it only when you have to use it right away.

Dried Morel

Another way to store Morel mushrooms is by drying them and placing them in an airtight container. You can wash the Mushroom before drying, eventually killing any bacteria and removing the dust from the Mushroom. Make sure to check if the mushrooms are completely dried and crisp before placing them in an airtight container, or they will catch mold.

You can easily re-hydrate the Mushroom by placing them in the boiled water. This technique does not have a severe effect on the taste of the recipes in which the Mushroom is being used.

Freeze It

Morel for very long usage is freeze, or they won’t last for more than a couple of days. To freeze the Mushroom, you can place it on a tray with some gap between each Mushroom and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer the mushrooms to a freezing bag.

Can You Freeze Morel

To store the Morel, the most preferred way is to freeze this delight. Freezing Mushroom can make it last for a couple of months, and it is not that hard to freeze the Mushroom. You can either cook the Mushroom by stir-frying it in oil on medium heat, or you can freeze it as they are.

To freeze the Mushroom, you can slice it into pieces and then place the Mushroom on a tray maintaining a little distance from each other. Freeze the mushrooms and place them in a freezing bag. Do not wash the mushrooms before freezing them.

How Long Does Morel Last

Morel has a short shelf life, and if not, the suitable conditions are not followed, then they get spoiled within a few days. After harvesting the Mushroom, they can get spoiled within four days, and after this point, they won’t be edible. If harvested at the end of the spring, then they may last in 2 days.

Storing in the refrigeration extends the storage life of the Mushroom dramatically. Typically, a mushroom stays edible for about three weeks if stored correctly in the refrigerator. If washed and store, then the Mushroom will catch mold within a week.

Freezing is the most widely used method used for storing Morel mushroom. Typically, a frozen mushroom can last for a whole year. However, storing mushrooms by drying them is also a famous method to store them, making them last for 5 – 6 months on your kitchen shelf.

How to Tell If Morel Is Bad

There are significant signs which indicate if your Mushroom is no longer edible. You will see significant changes in the appearance and taste of the Mushroom. Here are some details on identifying a spoiled mushroom.

  • Appearance: It is suggested not to eat morels raw because the bacteria can harm your stomach. If you find Morel a little reddish, then it is not consumable. You can also see signs of mold developed in the hollow of the cap. On cutting, you will see the dark or rusty color inner part, which indicates that the Mushroom is no longer consumable.
  • Smell: Along with evident visual signs, you will be able to smell a bad odor from the Mushroom. Leave such mushrooms as they can no longer be used.
  • Taste: Morels are often judged based on their visual signs; however, if you feel that the Morel’s taste is off, you probably shouldn’t eat the Mushroom.