Does Molokhia Go Bad?

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Molokhia is also known as jute leaf. It is a super vitamin-rich Arabian food. Molokhia helps to speed up the metabolism and helps in the digestion process, and also improves eye-sight. Some people also call it Egyptian spinach. Well, it has several names such as jute mallow, Corchorus olitorius, and jew’s mallow.

It has been the most popular leaves or vegetable in the back history of Egyptian history. It taste’s pretty good and is edible green that can be obtained again and again in its growing season by cutting. Molokhia grows rapidly in two months after planting. Molokhia soup is the specialty of Egypt, and Molokhia is found in the Middle East. Molokhia leaves will last longer if they are kept like dried ground herbs in a zip-lock bag because air degrades dried leaves over time.

Can you store Molokhia?

By the time you will store your, Molokhia leaves they must be dried first. Plastic will not help you to store them for longer. Exposure to air or sunlight is also why your herb can not go good for a longer time. If you are willing to know more particulars about the Molokhia, you need to keep your eyes on this article and not worry because it will tell you all about Molokhia leave’s shelf-life, storing methods, and much more.  Following are the storing methods.

In freezer

Picking the Molokhia leaves from the stem. Then wash thoroughly, add them up in a blender, pour some water in it, and blend it well until its consistency worsens. Transfer it into the cooking pot and place it on medium flame. Add 3-4 chicken stock cubes in it and mix it well. Once it starts to boil, turn off the flame and let it cool down for 10-15 minutes.

After that, put the blended Molokhia into the plastic bag and make sure there is no air left in the bag. Now place the plastic bag in the freezer. The frozen Molokhia will have the same color as the fresh one.

Glass jar

For this method again, you have to wash the Molokhia leaves well. It is necessary to wash the Molokhia before drying well to wash away all the soil from the leaves to maintain our health. Pick out the leaves from the stems of Molokhia and gather them on a paper towel or a piece of cloth.

Now slowly spread all the gathered leaves on the cloth and place them under a fan or sunlight until they are completely dried. After they all are dried, please put them in the grinder and crush them until they get in the powdered form. Now store the powder in a glass jar and place it in a cool place to last for a longer time.

Can you freeze Molokhia?

Yes, you can freeze Molokhia but for how long? It depends upon the method you have used to freeze your Molokhia leaves. The best way to freeze Molokhia is to wash them with plenty of water, and no dirt should be there in the leaves.

Then add some vinegar to the water and wash up to 3-4 times. Dry them, and cook them evenly half with some cooking oil, then take them out on a layered tissue. Let it cool down. Please put them in the air-tight bag and place them in the freezer. It will be best to use for 2-3 months.

How long does Molokhia last?

If you store any leftover Molokhia leaves in zip-lock bags and place them in the refrigerator, it will keep good for around four days. In case you freeze them, so the frozen Molokhia usually lasts for three months. However, if they are not stored taking proper steps, their shelf-life will decrease.

In some grocery stores of the U.S, the Molokhia leaves are canned or are in bottles or jars. Their best-by date tells about how long they can keep up to good. We can judge the freshness of Molokhia from its appearance; if it looks stale, that’s a big sign indicating Molokhia isn’t fresh. It’s better to avoid eating it.

How to tell if Molokhia is bad?

Every herb like Molokhia has a shelf life period.  If you store it for more than its average storing time, it will turn out bad. Though when we freeze or store Molokhia, its potency is lost, but it still influences the flavor of your food. If it goes bad, its flavor will not be good, and it will smell bad. So you must be curious about eating Molokhia without observing it. If you eat a bad Molokhia, you might become sick.

  • Discard the Molokhia immediately if you notice any off smell from it.
  • Bad Molokhia has stale leaves. So you need to check it properly before buying.
  • Bad Molokhia will have no flavor. You must check its best before the date before using it.